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Thank You – Thank You

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Fernando Albert
Psychic Medium & Meditation Facilitator
*** I strongly recommend doing "Receive a Gift" meditation before/after this one." *** Gratitude meditation will attract abundance in your life. When we have gratitude in our hearts, we send that energy to the Universe. The Universe “understands” that you want more (since you think about it and are grateful); therefore, more materializes. At any time, you can fill your heart with love and gratitude; in this way, you can attract more strongly desires. Also, you will feel terrific because you will notice the positive things resulting from your efforts. Goal: Attract abundance through the power of gratitude, therefore, filling up your heart with gratitude.
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It really helped me realize how much I have to be grateful for! It uplifted my mood and helped with negative self talk! Thank you!
I say thank you, thank you, thank you to: - Fer’s wonderful audios, meditation, recommendations, and insights each day - I am thankful that I am well-educated and can have many opportunities for employment - I am thankful for friends who always have time for me, whether happy or sad - I am thankful for my parents who have been through a lot of my depression, anxiety, and PTSD and still show up to keep me going.
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