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Taste of Kindness

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Everybody has capacity to be kind. Let’s get in touch with our kind nature and begin from there.
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Some times it just sux
Sometimes your the kicker and other times your the pie... sighhhhhhhh
Pay it forward
I didn’t not get here on my own. People invested in me. Sometimes the investment can not be repaid. So I seek to invest in others by paying it forward. That is how love grows. Love for others and myself. When I see others success I succeed as well. Giving of my time, talents and resources is a simple gesture of kindness.
Taste of kindness
Relax and breathe and everything will be ok, be aware of my surroundings.
Oftentimes kindness is seen as a weakness or as a means to get something in return (rewarded/recognized). However, strength is built through endurance, perseverance, and courage. When I’m volunteering or helping out, without anything expected in return, I build my character (strength) because I feel more compassion for others.
Taste of Kindness
I learned that our thoughts can come and go. We do not have to engage with them but rather see them as clouds drifting away.
Taste of Kindness
Allow yourself to be kind. Remember your intentions. Thoughts should be like clouds, constantly moving
Soulfulness 🙏🏻
We all have an innate capacity for kindness. Kindness toward both ourself and others. Thoughts that are unkind, inconsiderate or intended to hurt or harm others are not soul driven and not to be considered as a normal or acceptable part of the human condition. This type of thinking leads to the belittling and bullying of others. Such unkind behavior is not the true nature of our soul. If unwanted, unkind thoughts are experienced, they should be acknowledged as such and released to drift far and fast from us as if they are merely clouds floating above and not a part of us. We are not our thoughts. We are separate from them and, therefore, we needn’t act upon them.
My intention of the day is to be focused and execute on my time management structure. When thinking about this, it brought about some anxiety, overwhelmingness, and worry.
The hurt in my heart
I learned that the people we counted on and love the most can hurt us the most. I feel empty and lost without my best friend.
Spread kindness
Take deep breaths and release them slowly. Clearing your head from any troubles of the day, and think to a time you were kind to someone, and how that act of kindness felt for the both or all of you. Remember that we all are children of the universe and we’re here to help each other through our rocky road.
Helped me realize that I shouldn’t hold on to things that make my day stre
make me stressful, letting it pass me by & start fresh each day.
I think I need to let go of the things that stress me the
the most. I need to be more thankful & love life. I wonder why at times I like things to be perfect, rather than just enjoy the moment.
My thoughts are always trying to get to me
I’m learning to not think too much about my thoughts so I can get the full meditation experience.
Deflection of anger
I choose not to accept the negative things that may arise anger. They belong to those who may want this in their life, however it will not be in mine.
In this meditation, Nitima asks us to think of a moment when we were kind to someone else. Sunday, when I was out hiking with the dogs a family asked me for directions to one of the waterfalls at the park. I gave them directions to the waterfall. Then I told them about the very pretty park that is hidden across the street from the waterfall. It warmed my heart being able to help someone else out. I also become excited that they were going to get to experience one of the hidden gems in our area. Thank you Aura for making this meditation my daily moment. Wonderful meditation to begin my day with leaving me with a warm heart full of happiness.
jess 🧡
although my mind was a bit distracted today, i found that thinking of a memory where i was doing something kind for someone seemed as a reward. i love to help others, and thinking about my past actions really brought me joy :)
I learned that when you meditate it helps you
I learned that if you meditate it helps you and it relaxes you and calms you down and when it does i really enjoy meditation because it helps me take everything off my mind I noticed that those peaceful sounds are telling you to just calm down and relax everything will be fine I ❤️ the fact that when I meditate I get to just lay back and relax and enjoy the peaceful sounds 
Thank you for reminding me to just feel kindness. I have many dear friends who support me and I need to open myself up and feel it
It felt good to be reminded of how I can make others feel with a simple act of kindness.