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Taming the Wolf

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Dara Clear
Writer & Meditation Guide
A story about learning acceptance of things we find challenging.
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Excepting difficult things
I learned that some negative things in life cannot be changed. It is better to except these negative Aspects of life , some then to try and change them .On a personal note ,I have a family from Ireland Who I have not been able to see because of the pandemic. Hearing this track warmed my heart, because it reminded me of them.🇮🇪
Personally , I did not like the ending.
But in all transparency and honesty, I have always loved wolves, since a child. I was hoping the boy and the wolf would be friends, with loyalty to one another. I understand the moral of the story, which is, you can only control the outer world up to a point. Then you must train yourself to accept things that at present, you must allow it to be, knowing that it is the right thing to do. The story , in a subtle way, leaves the listener wondering if, in the future, once the wolf is comfortable with the boy’s scent, and knowing the boy committing to the wolf he’d be fed, I’m going to say the obvious. The wolf comes into town, and for a study diet of protein and grain, the wolf agrees to become the security for the small lonely town. The new moral is, coexisting with the natural world is possible once you learn the ways of this world. Cheshire each moment, and you, like the wolf, will both be master of their domain.
Which wolf will you feed?
I need this story as a constant reminder…. Things are what they are, which thing will I give my energy to?
I learned that we must accept our nature and that we possess many qualities. We all have a wolf in us and we must accept its nature because it cannot be changed.
We all have a wolf in us and we cannot change the nature of that archetype. It is comforting to accept parts of us that we cannot change and embrace the unique qualities the negative ones present to us. Just as anger can be empowering and enhancing it can also be destructive and it is our goal to fund balance.
I felt it opportune considering I am heading to work faced with this very situation of individuals whom I can’t figure out and make me feel uneasy
I can only control my own reactions and presentation and not other 💕
Taming wolf
It’s not necessary to assign good or bad - just is. The wolf has a natural way that he must follow as many people do instead of seeing it as good or bad just see it as so.