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Emotional Health - Face of Uncertainty

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
In this message, I will be referring to the coronavirus outbreak but can equally be applied to taking care of your emotional health in the face of ANY uncertainty.
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The vapid negativity on social media is too much for me right now. Time to delete the app for a bit. Done!
Emotional Health-Covid-19
Excellent life coaching session on ways to take care of your emotional health during Covid-19. This session also has a few wonderful creative ideas on how to stay connected with friends and family during this time of social isolation. Here are a few tips to manage your stress levels during this time: Limited exposure to news and media. Only share accurate information with others. Create a daily routine of things you enjoy doing or have wanted to do. It is also very important to maintain a healthy routine of eating, sleeping, and exercise. Change your perspective about how you see this time. Look for the good. The smallest shift in perspective can bring about the biggest change is healing. A couple of creative tips to help feel connected with others: Start a group chat with friends and family making a gratitude tree. Have everyone say at least one thing they are grateful for. I really like this idea. Find a local community FB group. This will help you to connect with others in your area which may give you opportunities to help someone out that is less fortunate than you are. We are all in this together. Let’s be the beacon of light this world needs offering others love, compassion, kindness, calm, and generosity. Our actions will play an important role in helping the earth continue to heal. Be well and stay safe!
It was great!
It calmed me down thank you! You really were sincere and very informational!!!
ERIN Sinclair
Taking care my emotional health
Taking care myself & destress & relax & meditate & writing my journal & doing my yoga & doing what I love doing everyday & I really miss my best friend it really hurts I just break down & cry
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