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Take Time to Dream

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Do you ever take time to dream? Just, Daydream I mean. Daydreaming is an essential practice needed too unleash your creativity and explore the wonders of your own mind, without judgement. Follow along as I teach you some of the reasons it's so beneficial, and give you a few pointers how to get started.
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11 reflections
This is awesome because it is true. We are able to create much more than we are aware when we put ourselves in the position of feeling and believing that we are so much more. The depths and capabilities of the human mind are unfathomable, just as are our abilities to create. Daydreaming is natural when we are young but goes by the wayside as life steps in and takes over. I am going back to daydreaming. Who knows, it may help me write my book!!
Dream on...
I love to daydream, I’ve been doing it all my life and it seems perfectly natural. It really can give your mind a break from stress bc I can choose to dream whatever I want. I can daydream that I’m someplace else much better and happier then the current place I’m in. 🦋
I learned that daydreaming isn’t bad it makes you more creative and it actually motivates and changes you for the better 🥰🥰🥰
I love it
I learned a tool that i can use when feeling stressed, depressed or nervous and i will try it
Dream On
Interestingly, another daily meditation that I receive on Facebook was about the importance of dreaming to help our dreams come true, as well. I guess the message for me today is to dream on. Of course both messages reminded me of an old song. In the words of Aerosmith: “Dream on, dream on, dream on until your dreams come true. “
Take Time to Dream💭
I learned that daydreaming is very important, that it is healthy, very beneficial and that I should do it more often. I have been daydreaming my whole life and I do love it and sometimes I even forget I’m doing it. Lately I haven’t been doing as much, so this was definitely a great reminder for me. Daydreaming allows us to get our minds moving and working. It helps us embrace our creative side and it helps us in so many ways and I need to do it more, so with that being said I am going to start daydreaming more and this was an excellent meditation to end my night with! Namaste 😌🧘🏼‍♀️
I noticed the ideal self in my mind becoming more tangible than the loose concept I usually hold there. I saw a beautiful colour and felt a lightness and liberty in allowing myself to explore freely the depths of my daydreams without the anchor of reality hemming me back.
Take Time to Dream
This reminds me of myself because I daydream a lot about what if’s in my life
Take the time to dream...zzzzz
I’m a Pisces so I daydream a lot. I believe it does help the creativity part of your brain. Taking maybe ten minutes of your day to just close your eyes and dream about anything really, I feel like it puts me in a better mood.
Day dreaming
I don’t think this will help my situation as day dreaming to me is more of experiencing fantasies that take me out of my current reality but won’t help me deal or cope with the actually issues I’m facing realistically
I love to day dream. I’m going to day dream today.
I learned it’s healthy to do so. I just have to moderate it!