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Sunlight Frequencies Soundbath

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Christina Calisto Winslow
Hypnotherapy, Meditation
Cleanse your body, mind, and spirit with the Frequencies & consciousness of the Sun. This sound bath includes Solfeggio Frequencies and Theta Brainwaves for Relaxation. Allowing your mind to fall into a state of deep relaxation with solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, and theta brainwaves increases the body's ability to heal body, mind, and spirit and replenish your soul. A musical rendition of songs from the album Wonder by Ted Winslow of SOUNDSYNCTECH Please do not drive or operate heavy equipment while listening to this brainwave entrainment music. 2022 Christina Winslow. All rights reserved. Music by Ted Winslow 2022 Big Country Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.