Summer Day
Since we are still experiencing summertime temperatures here in central Texas, I thought this would be a great meditation to listen to today. Wow...I am so grateful I did! I began this meditation sitting on our deck in the backyard. The warm sun blanketed my body as a nice breeze gently brushed my skin. Getting up from my chair, I walked over to the pool and stood looking into the aqua blue water. As I began to step down into the pool, my feet welcomed the cooler temperature of the water. Submerging my body half way, I began to walk around feeling almost weightless as the water glided by me. While listening to Nitima’s soothing voice, waves of relaxation began to flow over my entire body. Feeling this water surround my body and just being, I felt refreshed and at ease. I am grateful for this summer day! Thank you, Nitima for such a wonderful meditation! Namaste ☮️❤️🙏🏻😊