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Stress- How Much It Costs The Human Body

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
The statistics don’t lie. Stress, and the illnesses it contributes to, are some of the biggest killers in the world today. Lives are cut shorter than they should be… Families robbed of loved ones far earlier than necessary… Grave visits are more painful than if someone had died at a ripe old age… The saddest part? It’s avoidable.
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34 reflections
Hopeful that this guy understands stress and can help me deal with it better.
Stress is more harmful to our bodies than I thought. I hope he can teach me to handle ongoing stress
A killer for certain. I am looking forward to hearing the lessons for living a stress free life he has to give. I can certainly do without having additional stressful days. I love meditation but sometimes I need to do more to get my stress levels down. My hope is that he can be of help to me with this. I am certainly willing to listen.
This insightful person reminded me about normal stress and the effects on the body. I am 63 years old and have been having chest pain, blood pressure 177 over 90 because I have been dealing with chronic constant stress for almost 2 years now. I will be mindful and aware of centering myself and look forward to more information. No wonder I feel tired lol.
Stress = Serial Killer
Completely avoidable, absolutely devastating if you are the one living with stress or loving someone under stress. Our fight, flight chemical response is our great silent killer. Low level background is just as dangerous as the more obvious chronic high level stress. Breathe. Pause. Reflect. Reassess. And then? RELEASE.
Eye Opening
Low level chronic stress has been the theme for my life this year. Actually it started around November of last year due to certain life circumstances. Even though I had the tools on how to deal with it and knowing what it would do to me physically and mentally, I still defaulted back to “survivor mode”. It is an old habit. Anyways, listening to this life lesson on how low level stress effects the body is an eye opener for me. I’m slowly killing myself if I don’t take better care of myself. That is a scary thought, but that is reality . I’m looking forward to listening to his next series.
Stress how much it costs the human body
I have many autoimmune diseases and neuropathy conditions. This recording really resonates with me. I find that high stress levels significantly impact my pain and inflammation levels. The more I can reduce my stress the more I reduce my pain and increase my well being.
Rollercoaster stress
That life cycle of stress, I don’t want it to ever get to the point where living in every day stress is seen as typical. I stressed out this past two weeks so much I ended up with a bump on my lip 🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s that pressure of wanting to be the best of the best but really for who’s benefit? It’s obviously not for my benefit as my body’s response was negatively impacted.
All the stumbling over speech made this excellent message difficult to follow. (Highly recommend re-recording if you have so many speech errors in an audio clip in the future.) Thank you.
Stress and how much it costs to our body
I was really interested in the audio but it seems it has a second one where it continues. Which one is it? Where can I find it? Thank you.
Negative impact of low level background stress
I learned that we live in a high pressure society that keeps stress from ceasing between events and that our bodies are not designed to cope with constant stress. But it seems there are ways to counteract the stress we perceive. Looking forward to learning about them!
Stress is a killer.
Stress is taking us out early and it’s avoidable. Don’t let it overcome you.
Day 1
Bring awareness to how easily you are triggered on a daily basis. Often times it’s the constant building of little things.
Day 2 - Dave Pamah
Sorry to say that the stumbling, stilted speech pattern really detracts from the message. Couldn’t complete.
Not helpful if you’re stressed and anxious
I absolutely did not need to hear how much my stress is killing me or making me ill. That makes it all worse.
Speech distracts
Apologies to say but the pauses and speech issues distracted me completely from the message
I agree with other the breaking pattern of speech was troubling .
But stress situations needed not be defined. I’d preferred solutions, being I was already aware of those things in life that are stressful. Take me to that place that allows me to absolve this matter and the rest will take care of it’s self. Nevertheless, thank you for the journey.
I learned of the harmful effects stress has on the body. I want to learn how to deal with these stresses.
Stress is a killer
When I allow stress to go unreleased, the cortisol and adrenaline it generates stays in my body and becomes toxic. Stress is a vestigial response from my caveman ancestors. I no longer need a flight or fight response. I am an adult and can make decisions based on rational choices based on my desire.
Avoiding Deadly Long-Term Impacts of Stress
“Start to notice how easily you can be triggered to feel stress in every day situations…and take back control!” ⭐️To stop being victims to our wiring (not wired for modern daily stresses) to stop being victims to stress-caused illnesses.
I learned that stress has accumulated over many years and has manifested in parts of my body in many different ways. I’m learning to relax physically.
stress is normal
I think it’s important to remember that stress is a normal emotional response. We shouldn’t ignore it or push it away. We have to feel it and figure out why we feel stressed to be able to get rid of it.
I have to get rid of too much stress quick
Hearing about that it is possible gives me hope. I will go on with this path.
So sorry but I hope these tracks improve because just listening to You mumble and fumble your way through your script, left me quite stressed.
I am eager to continue the series. Tonight I’ll listen to a couple more.
I felt this is me I feel physically ill with stress and I want to help myself to get better and live a different way without reacting to stressful situations
I need help to overcome the stress in my life and that help will come from within me
1st time Thursday 11/11 4:30pm
Stress will kill me and I’ve got to get a handle on it. When stressed cortisol is pumped into my body. This is not good for me.
I learned that small daily stressors can affect my health. I need to find a way to get a handle on things.
“Listen to my program and do what I say about dealing with stress or you will die early and your loved ones will be bereft” is the message. Seems more like a stress inducer than a stress reliever.
Implications of physical health
I learned that the hormones that are released at stress can attack vital organs if we do not physically burn them up.
Physical Stress
I learned that stress is as bad for you physically as it feels emotionally.
Day 2
I learned that too much stress can cause an early death. Adrenaline and cortisol are good for us but too much of it can be detrimental to our growth and longevity. What inspiring insight coach for the day, thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of brain chemistry
I learned that everyone processes stress and emotions differently. I’m a big ball of emotion, and letting it out gets me by in life. Others are able to bottle it up until they become bitter and neglecting towards others. I feel that in order for peace to be present in the world, it must first start in us. We can not teach peace, we can only show others what we have found within ourselves and through God. Inner peace projects outward like a light.
I’m feeling more mindful of my triggers
I learned that stress is going to affect my physical health in a negative way if I dnt Change
Help- I missed it!
Toward the end of the interesting monologue, he said ‘I’m going to tell you two ways to get rid of the stress you’ve built up’. But I got to the end and never heard (or registered) his two suggestions!!! Can some one please add to the comments here what they were? Thanks and Namaste (and I’m not going to stress over this…)
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