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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
By sensing the vitality in the body one can notice that the breath has a strength all its own. Using imagery, becoming aware of this strength & energy in the body can be extremely beneficial.
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8 reflections
I giggled through most of this one since strength is Not something I’ve felt much lately. Two of my great grandchildren used to run to me to be picked up at the same time and I’ve just been telling them I’m not strong enough to do that now. This made me think I should be working toward gaining the strength to keep doing that, at least until they’re 3!
It felt good to imagine great physical strength and look back to the days in my life when I was physically stronger. This meditation gave me the opportunity to reflect on inner strength and resilience.🙏🏻
I loved this!
I am strong, in the Lord and I need to remember that! No matter what I go through, God is with me. Therefore I can get through anything! Thank you Papa for helping me through this app.
Standard Meditation
This was a nice, standard meditation. Dea’s voice encourages us to find strength within ourselves. Although I didn’t find this meditation helpful, as I couldn’t recall a moment of strength, I can see how it could be helpful.
Dea, extraordinary! Found strength while fighting problems! Will continue to strengthen and replay your practice! Thanks and stay well.
Supergirl 🦸‍♀️
Our breath is a strength all on its own. It is a huge part of our wellbeing. Our breath carries vitality to all of our cells. It helps us thrive. It is our anchor during challenging times. Starting this session with a couple of deep inhalations, pausing at the top, and then slowly exhaling letting out a sigh, I adjust my body into a comfortable position with my eyes open. Following Dea’s guidance, I become aware of any thoughts that arise which right now my mind is a pretty blank canvas. I feel that is because I am focusing my breathing on my 3rd chakra which always gives me a centered feeling. I recite the affirmations of I am strong, confident, and determined while focusing on my breath. As I continue to do this, I feel my inner strength become alive. This new vibrant energy is pulsating throughout my whole body getting stronger with each new breath. Now that I have accessed my inner superpower, I am putting on my supergirl cape feeling ready to take on any challenges the universe may throw at me.
Walter J
Strengthening ...
Good timing to listen to after the past Weekend (Pun intended)! But seriously it was a weak couple days to allow a stiff back time to get better. Dea had us imagine a strong time of our lives which was easy for me. It was several years ago - working out regularly in the gym with my two sons while they were in school. We were quite a trio to look at. Then she had us think of being animal strong. I immediately thought of a big cat like a jaguar. They look like pure muscle to me. And boy can they run! I felt a resurgence of strength start to flow back into my body. It reminded me that it is still in there and I just need to call on it and work on bringing it back to the surface. Time to get up & stretch & get strong again! Thanks Dea for the reminder! ❤️💪🏼🍀
I learned that I have incredible mental strength and conviction when I feel gratitude within me.