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Stop Overthinking, Calm Your Mind

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Nicky Sutton
Meditation Guide & Hypnotherapist
Stop overthinking with this calming guided meditation. Sometimes we find ourselves going round and round in thoughts. We can reprogram our subconscious mind for peace and tranquillity and this guided meditation is designed to do just that. Calm an overactive mind most effectively through powerful mind-calming visualization, and train your subconscious to stop overthinking.
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September 20
Today I felt completely calm and relaxed. I was able to quiet my mind for the majority of my session. 20 minutes seemed like 5. I even had a moment where my body jolted as if coming back to awareness.
Simple and Effective
The simple visualization and calm, reassurance really helped me to let go of fear, doubt, and the unknown of the near (and general) future! I feel prepared for my day, and look forward to being on-task without too much concern about the big picture :) Baby steps, one at a time <3
I realized due my overthinking meditation just how much I tend I overthink my daily life and how it adds to the complexity and overwhelm I experience daily. I realize now how it is stopping me from taking action and creating the results and live I want.
Better Visualization
I was able to better visualize during this meditation which led me to feel more comfortable and confident in my ability to self-regulate my tendency to overthink and get overwhelmed by my daily life in both personal and business. So thankful for this meditation. It has helped me calm my mind so I can better focus on the day’s activities and action items.
It was nice to disconnect from thought and allow myself to remember just where we are. The pressure from above is there but I can only achieve what I can each day.
Glad to have a full guided meditation.
Having a full length meditation felt like I was properly guided, rather than a few breathing hints and some music for ages.
My mind has been busy lately. Bringing forth thoughts I would rather not have. This brought me back to calm. It made me sleepy as well. Her voice is gentle and soothing. I still have the need to be cared for in this way; or I guess caring for myself by listening to this. Sometimes I feel like a young girl again. ☺️
I felt really calm and peaceful. My mind is relaxed and I feel so goood :)
I can control my thoughts, I just need to be aware of it and can use this meditation as help.
I found calmness!
I thought my mind would continue to wander yet in the middle of the session my body was flooded with this wonderful peaceful feeling of floating. The feeling I get when I first go to sleep or slowly wake from rest. The visualizations work for me. Also this was the longest meditation I’ve done yet. I think that was helpful too.
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