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Stop Expecting The Worst

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
+++ Prior Experiences => Overgeneralization (age, intensity vicarious learning, perfectionism, repetition, self-fulfilling prophesies (giving up)) - Unhook - Examine the facts in context - Find exceptions and commonalities - Eliminate extreme words (i.e. never, always) +++ Fear of the Unknown - If you fear the worst, then you cannot be caught by surprise +++ Fear of loss of control - Examine other painful or difficult situations you have successfully navigated
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Expecting the worst!
My thoughts are always this first and this creates anxiety. I need to understand the facts behind the situation and realise that the worst case scenario is actually the least case scenario
Car and driving
So listening to this really brought up a lot of past and future memories of having panic attacks or feeling overly anxious while driving. I guess my thinking moving forward should really be that if I’m sitting at home I’m ok, but sitting in a car should be the same and doesn’t change anything. So the feeling of calm and being present should be there regardless of where I am. I will be present. More often. Everyday just a bit more.
Expecting The Worse
I typically anticipate the worst when it comes to relationships. Having experienced cheating three times makes me quite pessimistic about the success of my current relationship. While I understand that generalizing someone's behavior is not fair, living with this trauma has significantly altered my mindset. It leads me to live with assumptions and expect the worst, rather than relying on facts or logic. Despite this, I recognize the importance of combating these negative thoughts to foster a healthier relationship.
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