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Still Lake Meditation

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Allow your mind to be like a still lake from where you can see things with clarity.
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Smooth lake pebble
My lake is huge, it encompasses many miles of woods, large snow tipped mountains loom in the background, at my feet is a smooth dark pebble. I pick it up caressing it’s shape between two fingers, the warmth of the sun shines upon my upturned face. It is so still, the scenery reflects off and it is hard to tell what is the reflection and what is real. I hold my breath, reach out my hand and skip my stone across the glass like surface - no ripple appears upon its surface, I look up and within the sky I see the ripples, ever expanding. Reality is subjective and the eye can be fooled. You are the stone and it’s up to you what ripples you make and where.
Worries and anxiety 💙
I need to free myself of anxiety and try to move on. I’m having a hard time with this at the moment. I’m trying to let go of a experience I had with someone and can’t bc I made a mistake and mentioned where I work and now I’m worried that person will show up. I feel that I’m a pretty good judge of people but when they hide their problems it misleading. This meditation created a temporary break from my worries. Thanks Aura 🙏
Still Lake
During part of my childhood, we lived on a lake. Of all the places I lived, this was my favorite. Ever since, I have found lakes to be a great source of peace and serenity. I will definitely save this meditation, as it’s an easy way for me to bring forth the stillness, during anxious moments. Thank you! 🙏
Connecting to the Body, the stillness and beauty of the lake
I learned that I can explore anywhere I’ve been, want to go, or what I imagined through thought.
Quick and Calming
This meditation was quick and very calming. It would be something easy to do during your lunch break at work or during a quick bathroom break.
I swallowed a lake!
I really liked at the end of the meditation bringing the lake with it’s peacefulness inside me. Namaste
this was a reaction this morning.... put me right on the dock of a lake I visited every summer as a child. lovely. peaceful. at ease.
This particular meditation was appealing to my rational, and reptilian mind which needs explanation of everything. It allows me to become aware of my ability to be prepared for absolute silence, awareness of my awareness that is my next journey! To become the space for the space of awareness, to consciously Will the travel to this higher ascension practice and to simultaneously love my negative human tendencies and temperaments I was born with. To be able to hold them and say it’s ok with compassion. Yes, this occurred during this Still Lake Meditation and hope you find your path to your source 🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻
Return to Serenity
The images of the lake in my mind’s eye are not all still. Some have gentle ripples, some stronger waves due to activities done within the lake. But somehow, the lake returns to a serene stillness which reminds me also to still my mind of turbulent thoughts and return to a place of peace, reflection, clarity, harmony and balance.
Looking deeper
With all that goes on in life it can distract us from looking deeper within, to go to a calm and peaceful place in our minds and refocus on what truly matters. When we get caught up in life and try to make decisions, we can end up choosing a way based on emotions felt while we are distracted and this can lead to negative results. Taking the time to visit our peaceful place, calming our minds and then looking into the decision that needs to be made can help direct our steps in a positive direction.
Envision we are at a still mountain lake. We pick up a rock and throw it into the water. The water makes a big splash and then creates circular ripples around the splash. At first, the ripples are big, but as they expand their distance outwards, the ripples become smaller and smaller. Eventually, the body of water becomes still once again. Our mind ripples with thoughts just as water ripples from a disturbance, such as a rock being thrown into it. But, it will become still once again. In this meditation, Nitima guides us to reconnect with the depth of our being, where we can always experience calmness and stillness. I closed my eyes and envisioned a mountain lake I hiked and camped at with a friend and my late golden retriever, Shilo in Washington. The aqua-colored water of this lake, being surrounded by the rocky foothills of the Cascade Mountains, was so serene, so calm, so still. As I envisioned this lake in my mind’s eye, I welcomed this calmness, this stillness into my body and I was immediately at peace. Reconnecting with the depth of my being, there is clarity. This calmness, this stillness is all within us and we can reconnect with it any time we want. This is a direct path to experience our inner consciousness, to experience our wholeness. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Distraction is not conducive to a productive and beneficial meditation. Guided meditation and imagery resonate with me. Make sure to be in a quiet space with 3 uninterrupted minutes. You deserve peace and tranquility.
A month ago, I visited a beautiful place called Carters Lake. This session took me back to this beautiful peaceful place. It is a sunny day with a gentle cool breeze. I am sitting underneath a tree taking in all the beauty surrounding me. As I inhale deeply I can smell the fresh mountain air, wet earth, as well as the lake. It is peaceful here. I am enjoying the solitude of this place which I can visit anytime I need to find my stillness from within. May this feeling of peace stay with me today. 🙏
I felt peace filled .
I learned that I can relax while allowing my breath to flow naturally.
Still Lake Meditation
How calming to think of a beautiful, still make and then take the calm inside! Be still, be calm and be at peace.
Fear of water
Note to self to avoid lake meditations as fear of water took over ability to engage with the meditation.
Not good enough
I didn't like this meditation it wasn't as what I like it to be
Mind Like A Lake
In today’s lesson a still lake was great metaphor for the calmness we feel in our own minds. The stiller the lake the calmer our minds are and the more waves there are the less calm our minds are
I enjoyed this. There were periods in this meditation when no thoughts were in my head at all. There was stillness and calm. When thoughts emerged I did not engage them and they just drifted away. I stayed in meditation long after the practice was over because it was such a quiet and restful place. The experience of a quieted mind is delightful.
Beutiful but short
It was beutiful feeling , I wish it would be longer, it ended suddenly
Alain Glehello
Today finding calmness and deep reflection in myself. Still when wind and storm make the lake surface very unstable and animated, deep within you will find calm and stability. Same in life if things around you start to be very uncomfortable and chaotic, go back to that place deep in yourself to find peace and calmness.
Still and calm
Beautiful way to travel virtually before breakfast. Namaste.
Calm & Relaxed. Beautiful feeling
I can relax anytime I choose to. Easily absorbed the lake into my body
Still lake meditation
This was a little short for me at this stage. My mind is still wandering a lot and by the time it had stopped the meditation had finished. Also I hadn’t worked out how to get the background music on yet.
Still Lake Meditation
We all have metaphorical places we picture in our own minds that take us to the much needed place where we can simply relax our minds and have a peaceful and quiet place to ourselves. Today I pictured a nature trail with a lake surrounded by many trees. I could hear the gentle rustling of the leaves as the wind blows and I can see the calmness of the clear blue lake. The more i look at this scenery the more I can feel my mind and Body relax
This made me feel a lot better and helped me learn its okay to let go
This was okay
I was slightly confused at the way the word “ripples” were pronounced. Am feeling relaxed though.
Calming and relaxing Still had trouble getting my anxiety down but I liked the way it made me feel
Berit Roos
Still lake
I liked the way it maid me feel - calm and still! I really enjoyed to be there to rest my thoughts and feelings and I will keep coming back.
There is a calming stillness that lake images have on me. I feel rested and relaxed by her gentle guidance and the imagery of Echo Lake
Still lake meditation
I fell still and calm after this still lake meditation. The deep water metaphor is a good one for me.