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Stepping Through the Mirror

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Inspired by Jack Kornfield, this visualization will bring you through your bathroom mirror to recognize your playful spirit and unlimited potential and talents within. Shift into compassion to find love for yourself, trust for yourself and truly know yourself.
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17 reflections
Stepping through
This was a great visualization practice. I think perhaps it would have worked even better if more time was given to process each moment stepping through and playing. I will take what I learned here for sure. Very inspirational to step outside yourself and verbally praise yourself. Thank you.
Looking glass
I enjoyed this visualization especially where I was looking at me and giving myself praise and love. It’s nice to focus on the good in yourself in this negative world.
Stepping through the mirror
I could not get into this meditation tonight. I am so stressed out from listening to the news all day about the harm our heartless president is causing the poor immigrants. Taking their children, some may never be reunited with their parents. Our nation divided - the very worst people tearing down all the goodness that WAS America.
I especially enjoyed the image of myself flying. Flying dreams are the most pleasant I experience and it was nice to recreate that through meditation. I felt free and joyful at the end. Thank you.
I loved the leaving your human flesh and realizing that’s not really you. You’re the soul and the body is just what you’re using in Earth. I also loved the end when you say to your human flesh I trust you. I believe in you. I’m proud of you.
Walter J
I loved this meditation! Thank you Dea for taking us to & thru the mirror of our soul! I loved the playful fun vibration and positive “self talk”. I have personally had many interesting sessions with mirrors before and this was another great one, even if it was ALL in my mind! But then again, what isn’t?! ❤️☮️🍀
I love you. I trust you. I know who you are. Wow. Thank you for this.
Through the looking glass
(Typing this out of my Swiss-cheese stroke-addled Brain!) ‘Twas brillig and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe. All mimsey were the borogroves And the mome raths ungrabe. He took his vorpal sword in hand, Long time the maxim foe he sought. So rested he by the tum tum tree And stood a while in thought. And as in uffish thought he stood, The Jabberwock with eyes of flame Came wiffling through the tulgey wood And burbled as it came. One two one two and through and through His vorpal blade went snicker snak He left it dead and with its head he went gallumphing back. And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms my beamish boy! Oh! Frabjous Day! Caloo! Calay! He chortled in his joy. T’was brillig and the slithey toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe. All mimsey were the borogroves And the mome raths ungrabe. (Wowsers! What a fight to get the iPhone to allow me to type all those nonsense words! 🤣😂😅)
Magical Mirror
In this meditation, Dea takes us on a spiritual journey. Stepping through this magical mirror, I left my human form and transformed into my spiritual form. I felt so light that I began to float. Before I knew it, I was flying...soaring through the sky until I reached space. Being among the stars and planets, I was greeted by my dad! He had a huge smile on his face, as did I, and we embraced, becoming so bright that we ourselves became a star. So Beautiful! Looking back at Earth, so blue and small, everything was in a different perspective. I saw my state, my town and my house. How very small we are in the grand scheme of things in this Universe! Out of nowhere, I began feeling a pull back to Earth so great that the star that was one, split into two. I looked back at my dad lovingly knowing that I’d see my dad again in due time. I knew I still had great things to do back on this Earth. All of the sudden, I was back on the other side of this magical mirror looking into the eyes of my human form. Stepping back into my human form of mine, I felt this newfound love and appreciation for not only myself, but for everyone and everything in my life. I am full of love and gratitude for this life of mine! I will live with an open awareness! Indeed, I feel Great things are Coming! Thank you, Dea for this beautiful ride into the galaxy and for showing me what’s truly important in this life! Namaste...❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Floating , and Flying and Love ❤️
This was wonderful! I usually have so much trouble with visualizations, but this fantasy flight was perfect!
Floating , and Flying and Love ❤️
This was wonderful! I usually have so much trouble with visualizations, but this fantasy flight was perfect!
I love you. I trust you. I know who you are. I am a good, kind person. Thank you for making me feel young and joyful and free
The Magical Mirror
What a wonderful spiritual journey this meditation sent me on above earth.
What A View
To float above myself and what I have was a powerful tool. Even more powerful was to say I love you I trust you I know who you are I felt these words leading me back to this present side of the mirror and wrap them around my shoulders and head like a royal robe and crown. Thank you.
I learned that 3 minutes is totally doable first thing in the morning with my coffee
I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through the mirror. Dancing! I was so enchanted with the dancing 💃 I can’t remember the three messages. I’ll have to do this meditation again!
Need more time
I absolutely love the premise of this. And your voice is amazing. It helps me to get to where I go when I do certain types of meditation or travel. The one thing that I personally could use is more time more silent time to get to where I need to go. I can’t get there when there’s talking I can’t actually do any work. I just stay above the surface. For example, when you’re talking about the bathroom mirror and it’s going there and going through it, give a brief example and then give us a minute or so or even 30 seconds to actually do all of that ourselves and how it works for us because I could never actually travel or get down very deep through this. But it was awesome. I loved it and I’ll just do this by myself and go through the best I can. I think I could do some really deep work with this. I’m just the type of individual when I meditate. I need some silence with people not talking I love the talking up to and giving me ideas, but it’s just how my brain works and how I travel… If I’m traveling to other dimensions or other spaces or just into my deep mind. I realize that a while back and it helps me get there. I’m definitely gonna listen to more of your work I really appreciate your time. Thank you so very much.