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Starting Your Day With Joy

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Starting your day with joy is such a beautiful way to start the day. This visualization meditation will take you to a place that will help to raise your frequency and align you with your joy and the confidence to float through the day with love and joy. Helping you tap into that joy, you need that little boost any time of the day. Let's start the day together.
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What brings me joy? -First sip of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. -Waking up feeling refreshed. -Smell and feel of fresh crisp morning air. -Feeling the warmth of sun on my skin -Connecting with my friends throughout the day. -Building deeper relationships with my customers -Listening to a creek or river flowing -Smell of freshly cut grass -Sipping a cup of hot tea while sitting outside reading a book -Cooking for my family -Surprising friends and co-workers with a gift for no reason Focusing on all of these things that bring me joy warms my heart and brings a huge smile to my face. My heart is full of gratitude and abundance.
Nature brings me exponential amounts of joy, so I just spent my mind time in it lol nice way to start the morning, although, I wish there had been more time for reflection- other than that, very lovely meditation 🧘‍♀️❤️
I have come to realize the importance of mindset in the morning. I wake up though and get overwhelmed with “doing it right”. I enjoyed this guided visualization to help ground me so that I can focus, and practice, focusing on the present. This has a great calming effect and gives me some of the grounding to start my day with gentle care. Thanks so much
Morning happiness
I loved this meditation. It's lovely to be filled with thoughts and memories of joyful experiences. A beautiful way to start the day! xoxo 🤗