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Start Your Day With Intention

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Dr. Tricia Wolanin
Psychologist, Coach, Yogini, Author
"How you start your day is how you live your day, how you live your day is how you live your life."-Louise Hay. Explore ways to bring intention into your everyday life.
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Wow !
Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity to go out & enjoy your day! Will you try this too? ☕️🐝☕️
Unintentionl vs intentional
I learned that forming the habit of intention takes effort until it becomes the habit. I thought about what I do at the beginning of each day and realized the actions are learned overtime because of the feedback received. So I ask myself if the intentional action having the desired effect? Do I feel better or experience happy or receive a desired positive feedback from the intentional action? My goal is to want to do the intentional action that improved my life, that creates a smooth day, that ultimately sets my day off on a positive path. To replace one habit for another is to consciously be aware of the positive experience I have from the new action.
this is a PERFECT way to start the day. thanks a lot :) i needed this