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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Every Sunday morning I take a light jog with my dog down to the beach near my home...
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A turn I didn’t see coming, and really warmed my heart and gave me an enlightened perspective on awareness and being.
Negative things can still be present—
But it’s realizing that all positive things make a difference that outweighs the negativity.
Feel good!
It feels good to play god saving starfishes. Well, it‘s nicer to help a starfish than to engage in local support for homeless people, isn‘t it?
Walter J
Making a difference...?
I have heard a shorter, simpler version before and the old man was a young child with innocence on his side. This one portrays an old man with wisdom. I believe both are profound at teaching The Law of Divine Oneness - that we are all interconnected. There is only one Energy that’s constantly changing into endless forms. If this is true, which I believe it is with my whole being, then any act (no matter how small) will affect all others. (So I try to perform good, righteous acts - toss a starfish back, share your biscuits) My thoughts affect your thoughts (so I try to think positive, loving, advancing thoughts) But to balance this advancing positivity out, there are people who seemed determined to bring the Energy level down. Trying to drag us back to an old model that we have outgrown and act selfishly because they think they are different, special, separate from the One. Using their memory incorrectly to only remember hurts instead of the equal good that had been there also. I guess in the end both are needed to keep balance and thus the wise saying was created: “To observe is power, to judge is weakness.” In the final analysis it boils back down to all I can really say with certainty is... I Am
Everyday kindness makes a difference
This story describes how my wife and I choose to live our lives each and every day! Give kindness to those around you...open the door for the person with their hands full, return the shopping cart to the cart return in the store parking lot, give a smile and a kind greeting to the server at the restaurant. No matter how poorly your day may be going, be as kind as you can think to be. It'll mean something to those you're sharing the world with! Guaranteed!
I like this a lot it makes me feel like I’m putting something good into this world even if it’s just smiling
Any small deed or act of kindness truly matters. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant it may seem it has positive repercussions that make the world a better place.
Making a difference
You can make a huge impact on a single person and that’s all the difference that needs to be made.
I matter no matter how small things I do.
It matters :) You matter too!!! Let’s make this world a better place for our children and their children ok?
Cheers to New Beginnings
I know that I can too make a difference in my life and to make way for new experiences that will cause true transformation and growth!
What better way?
Than to use my time to help someone, some being, in a way that will benefit them? Anything that makes their existence better benefits all. I didn’t like this story until the end. I was angry that someone else would determine or assume the “cycle of life” for another. That is not for us to do. Empathy and compassion prevail and the story has a happy ending. 🌷
I loved this story because I believe that whatever good we can do each day is a step toward making our world a better place. I think I need to do more meditation and stories and watch less news. I think that’s a way to focus on what I Can do instead of what I’ve been doing—worrying about the future.
Ripples in the Water
I love this story❤️ I listen to it often to remind myself that everything I do not only affects me but also creates a ripple in the water of life that travels far beyond what I can see
Sweet 🍷
Been drunk with red wine and listening to this made my night. Cried nearly the whole way. “From little things big things grow.”
I learned that even if you don’t believe that what you’re doing is making a difference. it is making a difference in your life and in someone else’s life without you even knowing.
I learned that no matter how small of a difference you’re making... you’re still making a difference and that’s what matters.
One starfish
We don’t have to change the world to make an impact. One small gesture, a helping hand, an act of kindness can mean a world of difference, even if it is to one person. Great story to put in perspective how little it really takes to make an impact... one starfish at a time.
Little good deeds, add up over time, and change the world for the better. Even if no one notices. One thing can make all the difference. So if we wake up, as she said, and believe that every single thing we do matters, and will change the world. We will make an impact. Far bigger than we thought it would.
The starfish was in my tarot for this month. This is the second starfish story that has come up in Aura so I decided to give it a listen. I liked the idea of returning back to where you belong
What a wonderful story. A little reminder that even the little things you do for others can make such a big difference. Always be kind 😊❤️
My J
Opening a door is relaxing! I listened to a meditation regarding anchoring and doorknobs and opening doors were two of my “anchors .” Used it today-voila, it is wonderful!