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Standing Mindfully

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
This practice invites you to notice body sensations as you sit, settle in and explore all the decisions you make as you move into a standing position.
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4 reflections
Awareness of Daily Activities
On a daily basis we go through repetitive motions without even thinking of our physical actions. Listening to this made me realize that throughout the day I need to stop and actually sense everything going on around me instead of letting myself go on autopilot all day.
You Are The Horizon🏜
It is hard to be conscious in reflecting before acting. We've all felt a pang of anxiety that grips us before coming off of auto-pilot in a game. That moment instilled fear because it meant that you were aware of the requirement to then owning the experience before you. It is impossible to have full control of anything happening outside of you, but practicing the victorious thought that I Am ALL Possible, I Am the endless horizon that creates a physical loop of endless possibilities..that will aid in setting your mind up for success to perform your desires.
Focused and Motivated
There is something about meditation that brings me joy and happiness but also focus and keeps me motivated. These are some of the best changes in me life that helped me become a better person
jess 🧡
today i had trouble focusing on my meditation. the outside movements of other people really got to me, and it was really hard to block them out