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Spring Forth In Gratitude!

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Shawn Michael
MA Counseling/Art Ther. Hypnotherapy/BQH
Gratitude is a healing practice and a way to acknowledge the wholeness of ourselves and our personal journey. It is a means to thank and embrace our innocence and forgive our suffering. Gratitude is a way to make and create peace for a dynamic self.
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Man! I just listened to this
& it was over before I knew it! Thanks for this; but could you try it too? Groovy! ☕️🐝☕️
I spring forth in gratitude, giving thanks for all of my life experiences. I illuminate in love, giving myself the comfort, support and understanding I so desperately yearned for as a young child. I spring forth in gratitude, giving thanks to live this day fully as my authentic self. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I had to force my self a lot more than usual to stop listen and receive
That is what these exercises are about none the same each day A moment separate from another Yet my mood lifts steadies ruses falls across the voices offering each their own wisdom. Setting judgments aside - haha A began to think of my mother and her eternal nature and love she gave to me for 29 years.
Love and Gratitude
I offer these two things to myself. I am grateful for my journey as it has made me who I am today. I am grateful that I can now laugh at and with myself. I laugh out loud and Fritz the Schnauzer smiles at me.