Spirit Guides
I learned that I’m doing my best. Continue that path and more insights will follow. We’re with you to guide you. Trust your gift. Trust your knowledge and don’t be afraid. We all have our from our guides and angels through the all knowing creator of us all. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Care for yourself first because we cannot give if we ourselves become an empty vessel. We’re with you. We know your heart and your dilemmas. Trust when we say we know you and your soul is pure. You yourself faced terrible things and came through on the other side. We got you and we got your mom. She has to go through her own process and that is not bad. Her soul is learning for when she has to review her life once she transcends. It is getting close. But rest assured you’re blameless. Your brother too is going through his life learning and preparing for his own fate. It is how it is done. Don’t be afraid to do what’s necessary for your well-being and your path. It is being supported from the highest realms of spirit. You are constantly surrounded by love of the purest kind and you sense it. Trust it. Trust yourself. Work on clearing the blockages on your chakras for even higher peace. Don’t forget we’re constantly with you guiding you. You’re aware of this consciously and subconsciously. We know you’re fulfilling your purpose. Fear not!