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Sounds Meditation

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Bill Scheinman
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
The meditation on sounds is an effortless practice of resting in awareness. There is nothing you need to do in this practice - the hearing is already happening naturally. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
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6 reflections
Sound meditation is the best!!
It helps my focus my racing thoughts elsewhere. Thinking is okay, overthinking isn't.
Focusing on what sounds may be heard (or not) in my quite room is very relaxing. I also really like the pauses during the meditation. Sometimes after meditations like this one, I just sit in my position for 5-10 minutes just enjoying the peacefulness. ❤️🌷
Great tool for practicing becoming more easy going and resilient
I am in control of how I respond to life and I can choose to be like a mountain.. stable, true to me, unmoved
Great meditation to use...
First time I have stumbled upon a new meditation that I shall carry with me as I go about my day. Sounds meditation-simple pause a minute and listen to your surroundings for a couple of minutes.
Ise sound
I like that I don’t have to ignore the sounds around me but can actually use them as a meditation point. It was very relaxing.
Awareness of Sound
I thoroughly enjoyed this meditation as I usually try so hard to block the sounds out and focus on my breathing. It’s still something I struggle with (though I give myself no judgement for it) but it is something I am finding I can slowly master over time. I feel like if I can block out sounds while meditating it will help with other roles in my life, such as giving me patience to not instantaneously react to negative situations, rather, acknowledging them, taking my time to understand them, and then finding positive ways to manage them. But through this meditation it was extremely relaxing (almost hypnotic?) to welcome the sounds. I encouraged sounds I would not usually pay attention to - the creaking in the house, the wind outside, and even a mouse scuttling in my roof! (Which will no doubt be my mothers next project to attempt elimination of 😒😂). This mediation will for sure help me with my future meditations as I think it will help me acknowledge the sounds and let them pass, rather than block them entirely.