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Soothing Stories for the Month of April

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Jim Blanks
In "Love, Ellen," a father and son deal with the aftermath of an unexpected death, learning to find peace again with some help from above.
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I can’t focus on this story the narrator keeps saying “he” instead of “she” and vice versa and it’s making the whole story confusing.
Thank you so very much for this story. You pulled me in like I was sitting there myself in their home. I absolutely felt every emotion they did… even the mothers. What a touching way to end that. The children are always so intuitive!! I felt sad at the end but also so hopeful in Heaven and hopeful in continuing to move forward through the heaviest of times. Thanks! ❤️🙏🏼😊
April Story
This story of Faith & Hope brought back emotions regarding the passing of my Mom who was born in April…Although I did not have someone who was present enough to write a letter from my Mom, I have had countless miraculous messages sent by her over the two decades of loneliness and loss…a dime found tucked under my blankets as I slept on top - a reminder of her fondness of dime slots we played together back in the day, a piece of scrap paper found pressed into the shape of a heart on my birthday,.. and, on a trip to London we had planned to go on together shortly after she died, printing on a discarded bottle top with the words “Jack can stay” pointing to my mixed feelings about my husband Jack who she had not yet met, taking her place on the trip beside me..I still have that bottle cap that I cherish and show to those who need Faith over disbelief in miracles and the afterlife …