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Something Wonderful Is Always Happening

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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
Prayer is not about asking, begging, or beseeching Spirit to give us anything. But the purpose of Prayer is to state and affirm that which is True and Real. Thus raising ourselves above and beyond whatever conditions or circumstances we may find ourselves in, to the vibration where they begin to dissolve. Prayer is one of the most powerful transformational tools there are. And as it is my deepest joy to be of service, I ask that you allow me to pray for you. With much Love Namaste Daniel
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2 reflections
Berit Roos
Something wonderful
I felt so uplifted today by the sessions with Daniel! He really is a wonderful inspiration to me. He made me fell greatful for everything. And he made me smile!
Again so grateful
Thank you for all your beautiful shares and prayer. I feel such joy and connectedness
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