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Follow what you love. Follow your passion
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Jus to talk
Talking is better for others........................ and for others and for others and for others
Janeen (The rising goddess)
I literally want to listen to this everyday!!!!! So happy I heard this one.❤️
Wonderful motivation
It makes so much sense! Why wait, pursue your passions now. The problem is, I sometimes think I’d have to move to a different city to reinvent myself. After so many years, I’m not sure what my passions are anymore. 🤷‍♀️
Truly words to live by
Very uplifting and important. I made sure to save this one to help remind me to follow my passion.
This didn’t work for me. At all. I’ll keep the mindfulness and leave the life coaching.
I feel like this guy might have a brain injury.
This guy can read cards well. He was clearly just reading something. Doesn’t sound like much was going upstairs.
I felt good
I learned that I need to set goals so that one day I can achieve them.
First session With Life Coach
I learned today that I have to come to peace with my problems because in the end I have so much to look forward to.
Squelch the fear and resistance and return to explore my dreams and aspirations throughout my life. Namaste
i ‘m maturing with this app
it was amazing , really needed to hear these words , i loved his energy , ❤️
I felt more better
Honestly what he said helped me more than I thought.his words were so inspirational I never once thought of doing what he said.
I learned that you should take time to write things down and come back to thoughts later. Reps
I realized that I need to follow my passion in life and trust that I can manifest what I truly desire to live my happiest life possible. I know what excites me and I need to be doing that.
What do I want for me?
All this time, anything I’ve done was meant to please my parents . My goals and aspirations were set by my parents for me to make up for their failures. I don’t have a sense of motivation for myself, or any goals for me. I need to figure out what I want, what I deserve...what is my passion?
Relections on Soar with Four
I learned that intrinsic passion is more difficult to define than I originally thought. I saw tremendous power in writing, making it real, taking that first action step. Through clarifying one's purpose, resolve is built against the fear that would prevent pursuit of one's passions.
think many thoughts
not sure why this line stick with me so much but it keeps running through my head.
I learned that it is hard to find your passion. It was something I could relate to
May 21 2018
I learned that I need to think about the small things again and think about good things that HAVE happened instead of what COULD HAVE happened. Also I need to get back to doing the things that make me happy and not dwell on the things that I can’t control or change
I noticed that my thoughts manifest. I just have to stay focused on the things that I want.
Not for me
I didn’t like that man’s voice. It got me sleepy but it was full of stuff I would like to remember at day. I wasn’t good for falling in sleep.
I felt surprised
I expected a meditation but got advice. Good advice however it was hard to feel relaxed with the way it was delivered. Unfortunately left me feeling underwhelmed and longing for true meditation session.
This reminded me that I used to write much more before than I am now, and that I should dedicate time for this everyday again.
Giving up
I had forgotten with the daily grind of work what my passions were/are. Are we our own worst enemies when it comes to finding and pursuing them? Do we give them up to conform to expectations. I have never been one to conform or so I thought but looking back I see how necessity, tiredness and plain old self doubt have taken their toll. Time to stop the excuses and start soaring - may we all pursue our dreams - what a happier world that would be.
Walter J
It’s so simple, I almost forgot. Walter J’s suggested recipe for a fulfilling life: Ages 0-30 1) Discover your Passion & Find or Create a way to make money doing it Ages 30-60 2) Do it with all the Gusto you can & adjust/adapt along the way. (You never have to “work” a day in you life if you are doing what you love) Ages 60-90 3) Give back & help others find their passion & make their living. Ages 90+ 4) Do whatever the Hell you want, obviously you figured out how to live a long life & have probably helped enough others already. Our individual & collective quality of work & attitude would make the world a fantastical place!! ❤️☮️🍀
I learned that we all have two wolves in us, the choice is which one will you feed into more, that wolf will win
Day started badly but turned good
I learned that any obstacle in my life is able to stop me beacause i gave it the opportunity to do it.
Already fulfilled my dreams
Nice session with good advice and motivation for those who are really just starting out on their life’s path...but for an old fart like me whose life was interrupted and whose path was forcibly detoured, it didn't offer much new insight or learning. I'm constantly seeking new ways to reinvent my life as it stands today! Life’s a constant struggle to try and find new paths to just return to where I had been. To that end, I'm in the process of enrolling in our local college, at the behest of the state department of rehabilitation. It's not a ”job” but it’s something to DO! And since they’re mandating it, they’ll cover the costs, making it ”free” to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
In this session, I felt a tingling healing sensation in my mind. I notice a resistance to that invincible aggression of fear that was always trying to hold me back. I faced that fear and acknowledged its presence with a thank you and said it no longer exists with a place in my life. The passion for my aspirations started to surround me with a docile feeling while I was thinking about my goals and dreams. I felt like I could be taught an absorb anything with ease. I sat quietly and begin to visualize the passion of my dreams and all I could see was a mahogany desk, legal pads, and pencils. This allowed my core principles to align with old dreams with zeal to take action on the things I enjoy doing most. This lesson gave me an excitement in reinventing myself in this phase of my life by just putting my thoughts and words in paperback. Thank You!
I realised that the job I got is not the one I want, I only took because of money. The one I want is the one I’m waiting to hear from after the interview
I became aware the dreams I’ve had are accomplished, raising 3 wonderful successful children to adulthood. I didn’t look farther than that. There’s more out there than my children. Time to find....or make dreams for ME!!!
Life of Passion
Live a life of Passion...I imagine myself digging water wells in third world countries. I imagine myself building tiny homes for homeless veterans. I imagine myself mentoring lost kids. I imagine my 9-5 not holding me back from what I’m meant to do. If I can visualize it, I can do it!
Soar With Four
I felt every word talk to me in a spiritual level: it was just what I needed today, a remember to not give up.
defusing the destructive thought
need to put a sace between myself and the content of the thought, i will to think of a cartoon character, opera singer or anythig funny when a negative or destructive thought comes up. it will help and give some humor to my mind.
be extraordinary
This session has been one of my favourite ones because I truly learned and was able to reflect on my life and what I can do to change if I’m not feeling the passion or if i’m not the best version of myself yet.
Back n the day
What lies ahead can be determined by our level of confidence and our actions. We’re fulfilling our dreams when we dedicate time to jotting down our thoughts and taking actions towards our goals. Self reflection is important to help live life to it’s fullest. Our well-being is impacted by our sense of accomplishment.
Looking Back
I think the most helpful advice of this inspirational help was to look back on your past experiences and hopes and dreams. Those make you who you really are.
I been having some much anxiety and stress over school and other stuff
I been listening to this and I am starting to feel a little bit better
Passion= Achieving Dreams
As long as you are passionate about what you are pursuing, nothing can come between you and your dreams. Turn that passion into action.
I liked...
I was able to pick up a new tip from this, write thoughts freely, this is an exercise I’ve visited but not come to make a habit out of. I journal most days but this is a great practice for me to get my thoughts going a little deeper
January 4, 2019
I noticed that my mind wanders quite a lot and that by sitting quietly, I can focus more deeply in the moment.
The Key
Today, for some reason I dont even understand (or know) I staretd crying while laying on my bed. Crashing thoughts were hitting my mind as a roller coaster at high speed. one more painful than the other. They were all about my future. In what will I become? Would I be succesful? I will leave my mark? Or is hopeless? So there, crying without limits, I started pleading to God to give me any key, so I can know my way. I stayed there four some minutes more and I went to clean my swallow face and my remaining tears. Then I returned and entered to Aura. "Im' feeling sad" I tell her. Then she shows me this meditation. I attemptedto change it but something told me to dont. So when I started listening, I could see that this was the key I was looking for. God gave me the key without deserving it. He is Gourgeous!
If your not living your dream life right NOW. Well, there’s no better time to change it. Change your life. Write down all your dreams and hobby’s. Achieve it and soar high above your dreams.
Elin Kate
The Best Meditation
This is a great meditation I recommend it it made me feel better about the past and I recommend it 👍👍👍
Passion for dreams
I felt like I did give up before even trying to become what I always wanted to become because my family told me its out of my league. I felt that when I went back to the memory when I was a little girl. But I will try again. When I learn where to start.
Soar with Four
Write it down! Allow yourself to think and explore but while you are doing that write it down. You will be amazed what appears.
Overwhelming feeling of freedom and immense love
Doubt is fear ,old dreams can be awoken, Record all my dreams Write everything down Trust my intuition and notice the journey
i’m working on it
i’ve learned that no matter how much i stress about things over and over again it won’t stop it will get worse i just meditate and rest and restart the next day and try to be better every day then the rest.
I now know that
I learned that stress is a temporary thing but is absolutely worth it and is normal.
Very helpful
Im not normally into listing opinions. I’ve lost my creative flow this 3 minutes seemed to be so easy to organize my cluttered mind set. Always positive and optimistic about life I journey. This helped me really go backwards in my wishes to accomplish per decades youth - adults
Walter J
Great advice on following your passions and making an X-traordinary life. If you do what you love, you never have to really ‘work’! Remember & reawaken your dreams and take action on them. The best is yet to come! 💚👍🏼🍀
i learnt that there is a purpose for everyone and although it may not always be clear it will be soon. After the dark stage the path will become clear again and we have to work to get to our goal.
Doing what I love
I was taught to always be there for others and never put myself first. I always do what is expected of me, instead of what I love doing.
Soar With Four:
Write down all of my thoughts. Time doesn't keep running, SOAR!❤️
Stay true to you & God
Listening to this reminds me of why I’m on this path and even though it’s will have its challenges. So long as I stay true to my belief, & values I will make it to be the best version of myself
Be free
Morning Advice
I started my day with this, in only 4 minutes, I feel more motivated than ever. This was exactly what I needed to start my journey forward.
My Inner Self
I have found out what I can achieve. When I meditate I actually go into another world and really think of everything and just flow with it. I have found out the my inner self is relaxing even though I need to do things. I may be lazy but when I meditate it makes my laziness go away and makes the soothing relaxing and peaceful feeling come in. I meditate when something is bothering me or when I remember something that was unfortunate or stressful. It really helps me forget on what happened in the past and helps me just focus on the future. This app has helped me achieve all of this. I wonder what will come next. Thank you Aura xx
I learned that reminiscing can help fuel my dreams for the future . I have received a lot of advice from different areas to start writing and this is one of them
Be extraordinary, be different, be exceptional
I learned that I have to improve a lot on the first point. Kill the villain of resistance. The idea of failure and rejection has been a great part of my mind before despite the fact that I have had so many evidence about my mindset being true whatever I think. Now my intuition tells me I was born to be an academic and I have taken the first step in this by doing my phD application. I believe I am capable of this and more than passionate about researching and teaching. Ultimately becoming a professor has always been a dream and I have lost that along the way and always thought my luckier friends are the only ones able and lucky enough to do so. I have given it so many reasons and now I don’t have any reason not to achieve this. I am truly excited and cannot wait to embark on that change and finally achieving my dream and goal ever since I started studying! I want to write books, I want to keep doing research, have that office at a university, teach brilliant university students and fellow academics alike, hold conferences, be an expert in my field, give advise to policy makers, be called professor Eriksson. I am not the conventional phD student at my age, but I have done so many things in my life and I now dare to be extraordinary, different and exceptional.
I just wanted to share
This with you. It’s a great time to take! As many of you know, I had a TBI 23 years ago (when I was hit by a drunk attempted hit and run driver, but the cab that stopped to let me pass ran her off the road), and that was so much fun that I got another TBI when I fell down the stairs. Well, THAT was on my mind when I was walking back from a CVS on Saturday morning when I fell, and I got 8 stitches on my left forehead. But I had an MRI, and they found that I didn’t have a TBI! Thanks for this, and coffee on! ☕️🐝☕️
Soar with four
I learned some techniques to find out what my passions are. I will be applying some of these soon.
Life’s downfalls has a tendency to leave a person fearful of defeat. Sometimes it seems easier to just remain in my life as it is. But the idea of letting go of my reservations and just jumping in is liberating! At 61, after divorce & now the pandemic is a very alluring thought.
Right words, Right time.
This was exactly what I needed to hear today and I’m excited to write my lists of principles n compare to my list of passions to obtain the clues that’re present upon cross referencing the 2 lists.
After a year of emotional, physical and financial changes I am ready to get back to my passion
It’s ok to go back to the beginning again and start living a life of passion and hope. To refocus your dreams and goals.
Soar With Four
Thank you for this. I have always heard find your dream but I am grateful that other people find this so difficult to find their passion too
Pursue your passions
I learned what I need to do to nail down exactly what it is that I truly want for my future.