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Slowing Down

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Slowing down your routine activities can be sweet. Start with this practice & begin to slow down and savor all aspects of your experience.
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Slow motion - a perfect technique for being mindful
When I'm caught up in business and feeling overwhelmed, it's nice to know that I can use this technique without investing a lot of time. I can always commit to 3 minutes. 😊
Slowing down
I should take some time to be mindful and pay attention to the acts I'm making, especially with depersonalization like symptoms
Daily mediocrity
I can slow down! I have a very busy life as a caretaker for family members. I am going to use the mundane chore of cleaning the kitchen after dinner as a reminder to myself to slow down and be thankful for my life as it is now.
Quick but not in a hurry
Lately I’ve been finding myself at work constantly rushing to get something done and that’s backfired on me a couple of times now. I definitely want to use this as a way to settle myself down so I can be more productive.
Slowing down
I loved the reminder that in order to learn the art of slowing down, pick one activity that you do often and then do it slowly. That will spill over into the rest of your life.
Living Mindfully
Being mindful while doing an activity really just means being present, noticing how our body and mind feel at any given moment. We ask ourselves questions, such as ‘How does our body feel while doing the activity? Which sensations do we feel? How do we feel while doing the activity? Stressed? Relaxed?’ In the day and age of our society, it seems that we do so many activities throughout our day on auto pilot. Some of us mindlessly do their job. Some of us mindlessly look through the refrigerator when we are hungry. Some of us mindlessly go through our morning routine. Heck, some of us even mindlessly drive! In this meditation, Dea challenges us to pick one activity that we do numerous times a day and do it mindfully. Because I chose mindful for my word for the year, I have already been trying to be mindful in everything I do, think and say. For instance, when I walk my fur kids in the morning, I sense how my body feels while walking. When I brush my teeth, I sense how my teeth and gums feel. When I eat, I sense how each bite of my food tastes in my mouth. Taking notice of how my body and mind feel while doing these activities has allowed me to be fully present in my life, to fully live in this life of mine. If we aren’t being present, we will go through our moments, our day, our month, our year, and ultimately our lives, mindlessly. Just imagine how much we’ll miss out on! With that being said, what’s your one activity that you will challenge yourself to be mindful with? Think about it...Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Slow down
Dea, great! Slow down and embrace mindful activities! I choose reading for mindful activity. Thanks.
No Checking out
Great intention for the day, to be mindful and present throughout the day, in all we do and with everyone we encounter. Namaste
Slowing Down
It is hard hard for me to live mindfully... I have filled my mind with task and worries and stress... Time to set those aside. To slow down and to fill my mind with good things
Choose one moment to slow down and breathe
I will slows down when turning the lights on or off. This will help me rest and know and Mark when I am ending a chunk of my day or starting a new one or moving forward with a specific purpose. This is an occasion to breathe an recent and go into or leave a space and time with intentionality and appreciation and love. Thank you.
quick reminder.
I was reminded that the small moments in between events can be most gratifying.
Walter J
S l o w I n g . . .
Slowing down is a good idea to learn to be more mindfull. Calming down is a similar one. Living in and making the most of the current ‘Now’ is the goal. Slowing down helps us get out of a competitive mindset and allows us to get into a Creative mindset. This is where we want to be. Creatively making the most use of the Now. Driving Slower & Not rushing to get somewhere is what I am choosing to be more Mindful of today. When I think about it, speeding is either based in fear of being late or of ‘missing’ something or someone or in competition - I wanna be there 1st. Neither really matter. And think how much more Time I will have to appreciate the scenery, listen to my audio program or just think of what I am grateful for... Yep, I am going to be s l o w i n g down today when I am driving. ❤️☮️🍀
Slowing Down
Be aware of the small things. Be here and now. Enjoy them and don't take them for granted. Time passes to quickly.
Slowing down 🐌
More recently I have found myself rushing to do things because I have so little time in the day. Because of that, I am forgetting what I have and haven’t done, and absent mindlessly doing things. If I couldn’t simply slow down a little and be conscious of what I’m doing, I will be setting myself up for success.
Being Mindful
Choose a mindful activity that you do often throughout the day and try to do it more mindfully, more slowly. Focus on the sensations of that task.
Slow Down
Pick an activity to slow down and do mindfully throughout the day.
Slowing Down
This was a good reminder to simply slow down. Sometimes we just get in the habit of being mindlessly disheveled. Slow down and take time to enjoy life!
Slow Motion
No Rush, deep breaths, relax, a few more deep breaths, slow motion. Namaste
Gratitude > resentments It’s easy for me to look at the problem, it’ll be small and not the big picture. Without the big picture I will never see the solution.
Walter J
S l o w I n g ...
Great reminder that it is ok to slow down and live in the moment. It is so easy to be caught up in our plans for the future or regrets of the past. But it is more wise to just calm down and live this moment. ❤️🙏🏼🍀
jess 🧡
slow down
i really enjoyed this meditation as it allowed me to just rest. i liked the idea of choosing something you do daily and doing it mindfully. i have chosen to do this when i read. i want to really enjoy my reading while also doing it mindfully :)
Slowing down
This meditation is a great piece of advice to endeavor to be aware of things you do and to be really present. I'm gonna apply it when dressing and undressing my clothes today. THANK YOU