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Sleep Wake Rhythm

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Sleep is one of the most critical elements of good health today. Small shifts in the way we honor our sleep schedule, along with the rise and fall of the sun, can make a great impact on our quality of life. If mornings are a drag for you, here are a couple of ideas to kick in your body’s natural wake rhythm.
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I appreciate the reminder to get the right amount of sleep. I will also try seeking out the sun in those first minutes I’m awake. I’m a snoozer so I hope to change my ways!
I learned that I do need to get enough sleep, and that if I do I will have enough energy throughout the day to finish the tasks that need to be done! I will definitely try!
Sleep Schedule
I need to get back on track with an actual sleep schedule and stick to it. It will really help with all my stress and other problems that can be solved with resting more.
I learned about how having a good sleep schedule can benefit your daily life. The process of waking up is is important. You should wake up to sunlight or a nice alarm sound like nature sounds. Also, the amount/quality of sleep can effect your daily life.
Sleep wake schedule
Great pointers on how to improve our sleep and wake patterns. I have to check into the alarm clock with nature sounds. That sounds great. I wonder if they have an app you can use for this? Anyone know?
Alarm clocks create anxiety
Using an alarm clock is usually jarring and creates anxiety. Instead: Move bed next to a window and/or sunrise alarm clock and/or nature sounds How can one check their natural circadian rhythms? I’m sure there are outsiders and some deviation from the norm.
Waking up
I get up at the same time every morning as my SO. I make him a lunch to take to work and coffee for his morning commute. We have nature sounds playing all night, but our alarm plays music. After he leaves for work, I enjoy a cup of coffee. After that I take the time to do some meditation and yoga during sunrise. Since I’ve started doing this it’s made my day less stressful and I feel more energetic.
Sleep patterns
I learned how important waking up at the same time and going to sleep at the same time can have such an effect on you
I never get enough sleep. Why? Because i stay up way too late scrolling through so many unnecessary things on my phone. Its not that im not tired or don’t want to sleep, i just dont do it. That has to change.
I learned that you can’t get too much sleep. If your body is sleeping, it probably needs it.
Sleep and waking up in the mornings
I need good sleep to allow my body to heal, so when I awake the next day I will feel better for my day ahead of me. And I need the sun light of the day to help wake me. I need to open my blinds so the sun light helps to wake me. I need a regular time to go to bed & wake up, without an alarm & hitting the snooze button. To me this is like~allowing the “Light of God”to wake me & then thanking Jesus first every morning for waking me with His Light! The ‘Son’ verses the ‘sun’ Thank You for this message ☺️
I learned that my body needs the right amount of sleep, so that when I wake up in the mornings I will feel better. I need to open my blinds so the sun light can come in early in the mornings to help wake me. I love that the SUNSHINE can awaken your day ... just like, I like to connect this to the “SON LIGHT OF GOD” verses the SUNLIGHT~this makes me thankful God has given me a new day to live for Him! I want to do better in sleeping better & awaking better everyday! ☺️
Meditation 13
Doing some of the exercises that the audio says is helping a little bit when I’m in moments of stress and that is marvelous in times of need
Day 1
I feel as though I would like to continue this and would be healthy for me. I feel so desynchronized and out of whack there needs to be a change now, sooner than later. I owe it to myself to feel and do better
While this session is about leveraging your circadian rhythm, it reinforced for me why I love warm sunny mornings so much. I feel alive and awake when I can sit in the sun, drink my coffee, listen to the birds and the occasional bee, and appreciate the flowers in the garden. I’ll find nature sounds on my phone for my alarm in the morning. Really liked that suggestion.
Realisations - Sleep Quality
I realised that my sleep quality is actually poor and that I have a huge block towards getting sleep. I need some serious good quality, restorative healing. For that, I need good quality sleep. I have a block towards sleep for the following reasons: - I believe it leaves me unproductive. - I believe that I will fail at everything I do if I sleep. - I believe that it is the barrier between me and my success. - I believe that it prevents me from doing the things I love for myself. I prevent me from doing things I love. Good quality sleep is my right and something I need and deserve. Henceforth, I want to read up on some good quality sleep apps that will help me improve the quality of my circadian rhythms and the quality of my overall sleep.
I 💗 sleep
I have a pretty normal sleep schedule and feel I get quality sleep.
Circadian rhythms
Mine are mostly non-existent any more. I never feel fully rested. I suppose six months in a hospital bed were more than enough rest for a lifetime?
Sleep 😴
Sleep is something I find difficult to get enough of. Often I don’t get much. Without the Diviniti 24 minute sleep meditation, I probably wouldn’t fall asleep for hours. Hence, I am grateful for this wonderful Aura app which helps me get through just about anything. Good sleep on schedule remains elusive, however.
Walter J
It really is a good idea to get enough sleep, our bodies do need to rebuild & restore themselves. For years I somehow lived on 4-5 hrs of sleep @ nite & a 20 min power nap in the afternoon. I believe a good 20 minute power nap = 3 to 4 hrs of sleep. I now like to get 6-8 hrs and still like my 20 min power nap. Unfortunately it is usually late nite when I get on Aura and that can take an hour most nights so it’s rare to be in bed before midnight. Oh well I just keep thinking those young thoughts and sleep when I can. It will be changing for the better come next year! ❤️😴🍀
Sleep Quality
If alarm clocks are the only way to get me up- and with hitting several snoozes I’m not getting enough sleep or enough quality sleep. •Go to bed earlier •have a similar sleep schedule •don’t go on my phone before sleep! •change my alarm to soothing nature sounds then get louder gradually- this is better than alarms which cause stress from the minute you wake up! •try and receive sunlight in the morning for a gentle rise
Sleep cycles
I need to pay more attention to my body telling me it is tired and take the natural cues to head off to bed at a reasonable time Time to sleep