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Sleep Journey To Your Highest Self

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Jamen Moss: Life Illumined
Sound Healer, Teacher & Guide
Welcome. This sleep story is designed to entrain positive virtues drawn from ancient wisdom; using the magic of the spoken word and sound healing to give you a restful lead into sleep. These are selections (3min and 7min) from the full story (20+ minutes). This story uses a body scan, short story visualization, and affirmations to connect you with the feeling state of the higher self, your inner loving presence. All content including this music is created originally by me, Jamen Moss, with love. Wishing you every blessing and may you live life illumined.
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It’s a journey
I had so much anxiety at points tonight and it was really hard but I coped through it. I think God is wanting me to learn to trust him no matter how little sleep I get. That’s the lesson.
jess 🧡
self love
having that self appreciation for yourself, that self love, is essential to our wellbeing and our mental health. we must truly love ourselves because in the grand scheme of things, we are all that we truly have ❤️