I feel enlightened
I was this snake and still am at times considering the part of turning my life around and being taken advantage of. Being nice to people to only be hurt by them. I blamed God for me being like this. Staying-silent and just smile but hurting-inside. Religion or my perception of it was to be meek and kind but with my fearful passive assertive personality, I wasn’t free to live whole and honest. So I turned to drugs and alcohol to escape my personality. Once Igot clean and sober (33 years now) , I still struggle with standing up for myself. Thanks for the story meditation that although the snake didn’t want to go back to his old ways, Like me, I didn’t realize I can Ward off my aggressors by protecting myself in the face of my enemies. I have to consider a person who takes advantage of me as my enemy to that extreme because I need to be aware of my own shortcomings whenever I make myself vulnerable. Thanks With Love, Scott