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Sharing & Caring

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Sharing and caring are the qualities that makes people happy. Be open to installing this attitude in your life and live with ease
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2 reflections
Sharing and Caring
This meditation has you focus on a sharing, giving, caring attitude. During this meditation, I visualized the flowers I sent to my best friend this week to cheer her up. She has been dealing with some health issues for awhile now. Hearing her reaction just warmed my heart. I also thought about giving back to myself through self care which had me smiling. When we focus on a sharing, giving, caring attitude this is like a golden light filling us up from within. It provides love, light, and kindness to ourselves and others.
Excellent Grounding Meditation
This is an excellent grounding meditation, perfect for rooting and calming yourself but also for cultivating playfulness and youth. Before this meditation, I felt tired, which is normal after work. After the meditation, I feel alert, refreshed, and young, blooming with the eager curiosity of childhood.
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