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Shadow of the Moon

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
This legend has been said to have been shared around the campfire of Lake Superior by a chief of the Chippewa tribe in the 1800's explaining the continual developments of nature.
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Deep roots
really enjoyed this story, I felt a continuity with a more primal or grounded understanding of rea
JPeer pressure
People with important decisions to make should reject peer pressure. It is also important not to pressure our loved ones into making decisions. Sometimes, people know their own minds. Their decisions a should be respected. after all, only time will tell whether decisions are for the best not you l
Very awkward
This seems really culturally inappropriate coming from a white woman. I didn’t listen to the whole thing but noticed that she mispronounced the tribe name within the first minute and is calling Native American people “Indian,” which is controversial. Seems very insensitive given the cultural/racial climate.
Where was the mystery?
My lower rating has nothing to do with the story or the lesson, but rather my expectations. I am mystic theorist en the title led me to believe this was going to be about the mystery around this dark side of the moon. Great telling though and beautiful calming voice!
I am for the first time tonight calm and thankful for these thought provoking stories. They truly help I wish their were longer ones or more. Thank you!
I tried what my cords and trauma coach/ being an empath on top of it and I have for the first time in 6 months got my paintbrushes out thank you aura!
Just beautiful
Thank you so much … I really enjoyed it for many reasons. Both artistically and personally. Blessings to All