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Selves Inside Series- 'Nothing Matters'

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Life Coaching
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Jogen Sensei
Zen Teacher, Post-Monk, Parts Work Guide
In this Selves Inside I talk about the part of us that says 'nothing matters' with its accompanying sadness. I discuss how this self might have arisen and the purpose it is trying to fulfill. Within lead, we find gold.
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2 reflections
My nothing matters voice
I had a very strong nothing matters voice for several decades it was only after several years of twice a week therapy for CPTSD that my nothing matters self started healing to my wiser healthier self. I lived life not caring. Risking my life. Living in deep clinical depression. I didn’t realize that there was hope with the right therapist and a lot of work. Meditation was the foundation of my therapy journey.
Nothing matters
The nothing matters voice is strong, but I’m stronger. My nothing matters voice is more of a “this doesn’t matter, so don’t be afraid” but perhaps that’s not the best approach?