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Self Compassion

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Emotional Intelligence
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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
let yourself bath in self compassion with this guided meditation.
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3 reflections
Self Compassion
Haze still brings me joy. Seeing myself in front of me, and radiating compassion out to me makes me smile. I am happy. And I am a mountain.
Self Compassion
I felt a bit conflicted as I try to stay present and then have to think “back” to a time when someone showed me compassion. I then have to recall why they showed me that compassion and I struggle thinking about that painful memory or event. I know I have to show myself compassion in the present but I’m trying to heal and move away from thinking of my past. So it’s very conflicting.
Andy Rea
Self Compassion
Seeing myself through eyes of compassion, I experienced what Jehovah sees in me. I am comforted knowing that my heavenly Father knows my mind and heart. Jehovah provides all that I need to be balanced in order to continue to serve him, my Father, my God, my Friend.