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Seize the Day

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Stacey Henry-Carr
Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
When you get lost in the disruptions of the day, you can just slow down and listen to this meditation! Seize the day! Music Lazy Rain by Aposine
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As I sat in an upright position, I took in a few deep breaths into my belly. Relaxing in my body, allowing my heart to be open to these words of wisdom, I began to seize the moments of my upcoming day. The moments of being in awe as I capture moments of beauty and wonder at the nature park this morning. The moments of greeting my mom’s two dogs when I return home. The moments of being fully alert and present for a Zoom call this afternoon. The moments of being focused while I read and take notes. The moments of savoring my first bite of a delicious meal this evening. The moments of relaxing in my bed, cuddling with my two cats tonight. I allow myself to savor these moments with any expectations. I allow myself to have a beginners mind. I allow myself to be in stillness. I allow my heart to be open to and hear the music of the universe. I allow my soul to sing in glory for the moments I am given during this brand new day. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Certainly a relaxing meditation that allows us to detach & just be. Her hypnotic voice and music effectively allowed me to temporarily park my ego & conscious mind so I could listen to my Soul Sing it’s naturally beautiful tune. Definitely a calming type of meditation. 🎶😑🍀