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School Is Closing?

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Coping with the anxiety and uneasiness of school closures is important. Here are some guidelines to encourage self-care during this time.
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Thank you
I feel....calm I don’t feel stressed out I felt so close to u You made calm and not over stressed thank you 🥺
Not stressing
My first Aura session in a while, and I don't feel like it was meant for me at all! Yes, things have changed, and life is being somewhat necessarily limited, but I'm not allowing these things to change me, or who I am intrinsically. Instead I've been throwing myself into service where I can best do so! I'm in continual contact with my youngest daughter’s sixth-grade teachers, and even have a place in their virtual classroom as I find educational opportunities online for the kids to check out. My best friend is a pharmacy tech, and therefore ”essential”. She’s also taken on the responsibility to foster her two nephews while her younger sister attempts to get her life back in order. So she can work, I've stepped up and am staying with the nephews each day, and mentoring them through the new distance learning program implemented by our school district. All-the-while trying to keep my newly launched business afloat, and best serve my current clients!
during this meditation, i felt a wave a of uneasiness and stress from all of the issues relating our world fade away. this meditation provides a calm reassurance that we will get through this tough time, and although we cannot be with each other now, we are all still here for one another.
~ liesel b ~
June 3rd - Wednesday
This meditation was mostly ineffective in my personal opinion. I don’t feel too much stress in the wake of COVID-19. I mainly feel in control, as being quarantined has allowed me the time to do things I never have been able to do before, that I know are having good effects on me. I understand the hardship going on, and my heart goes out to everyone, but I also feel blessed without guilt that I am able to gain a few positive experiences out of this.