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Running After Enlightenment

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Good teachings for those who are super hard on themselves and for those who are impatient. Enjoy!
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No one change your fate
I learned that you can waste your axiety when you worried more about hows your life would be. So just walk and keep walking because the best of your life is waiting for you and you can't give up like that.
Good Reminder
Nice reminder I needed. This short one was simple, but powerful.
Running After Enlightenment
WOW, I needed this reminder! I do this to myself all the time, running after what I think I want but I just need to stop and be
The waves and water are calming I am so very sad now My husband is quite ill The police will not get a search warrant to search the house where the girl who broke into my home and over a period of 5 days stole all of my valuables, silver, crystal, wedding rings of my mother, aunt and mine plus jewelry given to me by my husband, mother, aunt, grandmother over a period of 40 years She stole my husband’s suits, antique fly fishing equipment, all of our Christmas decorations, Christmas china and crystal, my husband’s mother’s heirloom silver,etc Oriental rugs my husband bought for us 25 years ago All of my kitchen equipment , electronics etc snd on and on Including my clothes, shoes, purses, winter coats and sweaters some that my mother crochet and knitted 35-40 years ago I can’t seem to find my smile anymore. I have always had joy in my heart and have been called “sunshine” for years...but not any more I can’t seem to move forward I’m trying every day God bless you all 🙏💜
The story was too short. I wanted more details and a longer ending.
What? It's over?
Shortest story ever. Maybe the universe is telling me to stop for the night. Ugh.