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Rest & Recharge My Friend

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Anjanette Todd, Ph.D., (MBSR)
Well-being/Mindfulness Coach
Rest and recharge with this meditation so that you can connect with your authentic self and ground yourself more fully at this moment.
From the community
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Walter J
3 min version got me relaxed & feeling my whole body from top of my head to my toes but then it timed out and I felt like I was left hanging. Will have to listen to longer version…
Curious and Gentle Nature
Laying down, I met the points of contact my body had with the surface below with a curious and gentle nature. I met any sensations arising in my body with a curious and gentle nature. Bringing awareness to my mind, I noticed the state it was in with a curious and gentle nature. Bringing awareness to my breath, I noticed my belly rising and falling. Falling deeper and deeper into relaxation, I noticed an inner contentment arise within me. With a curious and gentle nature, I watched this body of mine slowly breathe in and out like gentle waves of the ocean. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Rest and Rechsrge
Thank you! It will be nice to listen to the longer version of this meditation next time
Rest and Recharge
Grief changes every cell in the brain. At another time, I would have liked bringing attention back to an anchor. But I simply wept from start to finish.
Mindful flow
My body will always lead me in adding the exact movement it needs to achieve the desired goal. Enjoyed a beautifully simple seated flow outside in my backyard. Namaste
Rest & Recharge
Great flow. Soft guidance and words. I'm relaxed and ready for my day!
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