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Rest & Recharge My Friend

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Anjanette Todd
Mindfulness Facilitator/Coach
Rest and recharge with this meditation so that you can connect with your authentic self and ground yourself more fully at this moment.
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Walter J
3 min version got me relaxed & feeling my whole body from top of my head to my toes but then it timed out and I felt like I was left hanging. Will have to listen to longer version…
Curious and Gentle Nature
Laying down, I met the points of contact my body had with the surface below with a curious and gentle nature. I met any sensations arising in my body with a curious and gentle nature. Bringing awareness to my mind, I noticed the state it was in with a curious and gentle nature. Bringing awareness to my breath, I noticed my belly rising and falling. Falling deeper and deeper into relaxation, I noticed an inner contentment arise within me. With a curious and gentle nature, I watched this body of mine slowly breathe in and out like gentle waves of the ocean. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Rest and Rechsrge
Thank you! It will be nice to listen to the longer version of this meditation next time