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Releasing the past as I move on to the New Year

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Questions to reflect and release. Become aware of what's holding you back and what you need to release to live the best way you can. You may like to have pen and paper before starting this recording.
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11 reflections
Wonderful questions
I had to stop the meditation and get a pen and write down all of the questions so I can go back and really spend some time in reflection. Beautiful way to start my weekend!
Reflective Questions
These are such thought provoking questions . Much to ponder and honestly consider. 🙏
This is another thought-provoking session with Nitima. I found it to be more of a life coaching session than a meditation filled with powerful questions. In fact there are so many questions that I want to listen to this several times, focusing my attention on one question at a time. 💖💫⭐️
Walter J
Many good questions to ask oneself.. maybe not all at once. Meditating on one at a time and falling asleep while thinking on it is a great way for Spirit to contact you. Once asleep our conscious mind slows down and hopefully shuts up so our subconscious mind can be heard as it connects to the super-conscious mind of Infinite Intelligence. This is also a major goal of a good meditation practice. Quiet the ego and all the chattering white noise it creates and read the mind of God to gain a Wisdom! 💚❓🍀
Overwhelmingly Great
There are so many amazing questions one should ask oneself that, to me, the sheer number is overwhelming. Many I could answer immediately. Some I could not. I would love to have a transcript of this meditation so that I will not miss a single question. I have just decided to play it back slowly and write each question down until I have them all. Only then, will I be able to answer all questions fully and appropriately. I believe this reflective meditation would be wonderful for each of us who is willing to delve deep and learn more about ourself and, additionally, are willing to do the work that our answers to ourself require. Wonderful, Thank you. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻y
Mindfulness Reflection
I really liked this exercise, it helped me clear my mind and calm my body down.
Best yet
This was by far the best meditation I have done. Prepares me to take on the challenges I face.
Love it
I loved the note at the end reminding us that you can’t just wish to change without knowing exactly what’s holding you back. That’s a great exercise.
Profound Questions
When things aren’t going as planned or what not in our lives, we tend to blame external factors. It’s our upbringing. It’s a lack of financial freedom. It’s our environment. It’s this or it’s that. This leads us to go around saying things like, If only...., then I’d be happy. If only...., I’d be able to..., fill in the blank. Regardless of our circumstances, it is up to each and every one of us to make the life we want. It isn’t up to anyone else. Thus, if we aren’t living our best life, the harsh reality is it’s because we have allowed external factors to have our power! It is because we are not self-aware for we cannot change what we are not aware of. To bring back our power into our being by becoming self-aware, Nitima asks us reflective, mindful questions to ask ourselves. Answering these questions, we will get to know ourselves better. Becoming quaint with ourselves, we will want to treat ourselves as we treat others, with compassion and kindness. Being self-aware, we become our best advocate for our lives. We take note of what is working vs. what isn’t working in our lives. We take back our power so we may live our best life! Listening to each question Nitima asks and then pausing to write it down, I thought to myself, what excellent questions to ask oneself! As I pondered each question, I noticed that a few answers came into my awareness right away while others will require some more thought. I appreciate having these profound questions to reflect on. Thank you, Nitima! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Nitima, powerful! Changes? Release? Yes, but when and how and who. Working on simplicity first then wisdom. Thanks.
Andrea Corcega
I loved it
Learn to love the simplicity of life! And be grateful and always be willing to growth
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