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Releasing Tension from Your Body

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Stress has direct impact on our physical body. Throughout the day we are running in autopilot mode accumulating all the stress and negative thoughts that are constantly weighing heavy on our physical body causing back pain and headaches. In this meditation you will learn to tune in with your body and release stress and physical tension from different parts of your body so you can relax and be at ease.
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11 reflections
Surprised that I needed that!
I thought, “eh, nothing new here, but it’s the next one on my list.” But I hadn’t realized how much tension I was holding, and this was exactly what I needed!
Look and see
I noticed tonight that if I actually visualised the body part, in addition to noticing any sensations of tension in that part, I could see and feel the relief. It seemed quite different than if I was just noticing or sensing a feeling. 🌷
Releasing Tension from your bosy
I learned that I carry a lot of tension in my body that I was not aware of. This meditation helped me to learn that I need to focus on relaxing and releasing tension more on a daily basis.
Annemarie _16
Releasing tensions
I learned that sometimes we just need to let go of the past and go to a new chapter into our lives and we all human beings We make mistakes and we try to be better at things
Releasing Tension
So, I am in charge of my relaxation! Why am I holding on to tension and worry? Time to allow the breath to release it all and let it go.
Not so much
My 15 year old service dog is dying. Nothing can ease this ache
I’ve learned a little more about my anxiety the last few weeks. I’ve learned that I can cope long enough to shove it away to put it behind me. It always catches up to me. It comes back when I wake up. It comes back late at night. It comes back when I’m mindlessly trying to stay busy. It doesn’t ever truly go away. So, my only option is to run from it.
Like a bowl full of jelly
It’s good to let go and just relax for a few minutes. Namaste
Yes !
Love this track, could attain a release from the tension I was holding onto and helped a lot to start my day :)
Feel your body for any tension that's left from the day, and let it go. Feel that you are part of something greater and that holding to the past only holds you back. Keep moving forward, flowing in the river that life is. It might not be easy, but it certainly is worth it.
Self love - reminder ❤️
“I appreciate myself for giving myself this time to meditate.”
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