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Releasing Pain

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
When you're experiencing pain, pain itself is bad don't make it worst with adding another layer. This meditation will help you to relax your mind and body so you can be at ease.
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What is your relationship with pain?
The more we resist the more it persist. Can you be willing to be open to changing your relationship with pain? Look into it and hear what it has to say, be with it and allow...
Releasing Pain
I was having trouble staying focused. About that time, she mentioned exactly that and it brought me back. I have fibromyalgia and over did yesterday and this morning. So while this relaxed me, my pain was still there.
Worst meditation ever! In excruciating pain, and I am given a fantasy. 🤬
What a wonderful meditation !
I learned that I can love all parts, even the ones that I try to get away from because of the sensations of pain. Reframing that, and learning to offer love to self is transformative.
Appreciating my body for doing it’s best
I’ve never quite verbalized the fact that my body is doing it’s best to heal and constantly working (hard) for my spirit to live in truth. My mind hasn’t acknowledged it until this meditation. I love my body and I’m always looking for new ways to actively speak/think wellness into it using all the tools this body comes with, like my inner/outer voices. Thanks for this meditation.
I felt so at ease but I kept zoning out,I was able to manifest for the first time
Pain doesn’t exist,everything is all up in the mind. I think this is very helpful. Love it
I learned that if I meditate long enough
I learned that if I meditate long enough all the negative things will disappear and go away a lot of the time I meditate and I feel relaxed and people talk down to me and I do feel like meditation is the best thing for me and I love it I feel so relaxed at the end of every session that they do whether it’s annoyed or sad or tired or stressed anything it’s good to meditate it’s always good to see nature
I think that the guided meditation sessions and stories have helped both my quality of sleep, as well as helped me deal with some chronic pain issues. I'm hoping that sessions that are targeted at grief and loss help me deal with those things as well. I'm pleased with my subscription to Aura.