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Releasing Anger

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Holding on to anger can be destructive for yourself and others around you. Be open to letting go of anger from your mind, body, and spirit. Free yourself.
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Releasing anger and worry
Breathing and focusing on the present moment and letting all the worry go. Makes you feel so much lighter breathing and letting go of all of your negative thoughts. First time expressing myself and meditating but wow. This helped me so much. I worry too much and hold anger in and it feels so good to just let it go.
Felt the release!
I learned that pain and tightness in my body was due to anger and fear that I was holding onto. I could feel those areas release and relax, leaving me feeling so much lighter! Thank you!
I would like longer sessions by Life coaches on strong emotions
I am going through a divorce and would like more coaching sessions on how to deal with strong emotions, such as hurt and anger.
Wow 🤩 anger
This was really nice helped me put something’s into perspective life is difficult but once you realize you control it dealing with it becomes a lot easier for you and I
It’s just a lot right now
Life sucks some days more than others. Holding the anger in to long turns in to the pain that guides me in the wrong direction. On my own it’s a wave that overpowers me until I am outside looking in as my life implodes using my hurt to take down everything around me. It begins a new life of its own it’s intent is to seek and destroy anyone close to me. Just breathe and remember… If misery loves company then my anger at myself seeks out the pain in all things just to not go through alone without it. Like gravity a force pushing until I can no longer breathe. I must exhale let it go and believe it’s ok to get angry it’s not ok to keep it and grow it into what it was never meant to be. Like a heavy weight around my neck pulling me down deeper into the abyss of my pain. Just breathe and be ok in the comfort that my anger and pain or only momentary bits of time that shall never be the the whole of me. Just release for only I have the key to unlock the chain that binds me. Let go float to the top and breathe again. It’s just a lot right now, but I don’t have keep the weight of it all in myself. Just breathe in the lightness of the fresh air that is only a breathe away.
Releasing anger
I noticed that the sensations of anger are like waves from my chest up through my head. It didn’t have the accompanying heat or mental distress - but I knew it was anger. I let it go into the clouds. Sometimes when I look back at times I’ve been upset, 9/10 times it was… a waste of energy. Anger can be an appropriate emotional response depending, but letting it control us after the fact is unnecessary. It’s not necessary to relive anger and rehash it out over and over.
Letting go
I begin to let go of past anger But I need to do this again.
Anger makes me anxious an I need to let go It doesn’t help
At 63 I found out that I had Asperger’s I’m only just realising how much Anger has affected my life. It’s like everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. Meltdowns had become normal for me and left me physically drained with headaches,digestive problems and playing mind games that left me struggling for days. Three types of medication that haven’t really achieved anything. I tried meditation before but I could never stop the chatter in my head and achieved nothing. These meditations are helping. This lady’s voice is wonderful. I feel I am making progress.
I feel I have anger built up inside of me that affects my relationships. This was so calming. I will use this download again.