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Release Your Obstacles

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Stacey Henry-Carr
Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
The way we interpret the things of the past can create obstacles for our future. Join me on a journey to releasing your obstacles. Music Restoration by Scott Buckley
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I am enraged...
By the apartheid happening in Israeli Palestine and needed to step back from my feelings about it because being that infuriated first thing in the morning was not at all conducive to my ability to be motivated and physically able to get my desired tasks done. So I breathed and listened to the calming voice even through the storm of my feelings and now I think I can function, though I have to consider the possibility that I seem to be about to cry. I have to deal with that, too, because the quality of my time management is entirely dependent on a calm mindset. I’m doing this crying for injustice and out of disbelief that anyone could ever believe that this is even close to okay. I’m doing this for my mental and physical health.
Too fast
This one moved too quickly. Speaker doesn’t give us any time to do the visualizations.