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Reducing Rumination And Reactivity

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Let go of rumination and reactivity, in this meditation with breath, thoughts, and emotions. We'll soften and soothe tension in the body and mind, finding breathing space and balance again. Helpful for when we're depressed, angry, anxious, or stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking.
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Pasha Lyndi
This practitioner connected with me so beautifully—her voice, the lightness and reassurance of her tone. Beautiful meditation. Very grateful 🙏🏾
Thank you
This helped me a lot this morning. I am providing end of life care for my grandma and have been worried about how she will go, pain, etc. I was able to release a build up of tension, rumination, and reactivity preparation. Thank you for this gift. 💚
Letting go
I feel I’m becoming more able to focus on the listening task This in turn is relaxing Thank you
Awareness of Thoughts
My mantra: Let it go…Let it flow When noticing my mind is ruminating along with the emotions it triggers throughout my body, I will acknowledge these thoughts and release them by refocusing my attention on my breath. I can also use my breath to soften any areas of tension throughout my body. This will help during challenging times to keep me calm and grounded. I will be able to respond rather than react to any challenging situation. By the end of this session, I felt calm and grounded. It is also important to acknowledge feelings of well being and let those sink in.
Reducing rumination
Very nice meditation. Try as I may, I continue to have a persistent thought that keeps appearing. This thought is causing me to feel anxiety. I liked the suggestion that if this happens, you can put that thought up on a "shelf" and leave it there. Sometimes it just won't flow down the stream with the others. I'm glad I did this right before I go to sleep. Good night.
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