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Fernando Albert
Psychic Medium & Meditation Facilitator
A manifestation meditation to materialize your desires. It will help you visualize your desires with your mind and soul. This meditation will take you to a positive moment in your life. Therefore, you can enjoy it again and feel happiness. That happiness is going to be the fuel to materialize your desires and needs. You do not need meditation experience. Find a comfortable place and follow the instructions of my voice. Allow your desires to materialize in front of your eyes.
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Wow powerful for me. Remembered the joy of getting my son out of his crib in the morning when he was a baby. It would be so joyful for us to see each other. We both loved each other so much
Fernando is the gift!
Thank you for your presence on this app!!! Your work is potent and makes for potent work that we may do through it! I revisited my husband proposing to me, but my father’s soul visited and re-watched it with me (he had passed away before it originally happened). Profound joy, care and healing! Thank you!!!
I really truly felt deeply connected. Thank you ! I feel at ease with the decision I am facing.
My Gift: The Beach
I sometimes used to go to the beach after work when I lived in SoCal. I would just put my feet in the sand and hear the waves and seagulls. The sun was setting with colors of yellow, orange, pink, and purple. I felt at peace. I felt free.
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