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Rebuilding Ourselves after Trauma

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Dara Clear
Writer & Meditation Guide
A reflection on recovery from trauma and how we might rebuild ourselves with great care while also being strong and resilient. Accepting and being honest about our pain can allow us to heal more effectively. This reflection will leave you feeling calmer and more positive about your recovery journey.
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I have been dealing with a traumatic situation for so long that I internalized to survive so that it was all I knew of myself. I learned I can let this go and look to other aspects of my life to rebuild my sense of worth and hope. Amazingly therapeutic session.
Trauma Room
I learned that it will be a process of rebuilding “my house” one room at a time and when I have a number of the rooms rebuilt there will be a day when I’m ready to rebuild the room where I have the most damage from my trauma. And that’s okay because by rebuilding some of the other rooms first I will be more able to tackle the gut wrenching trauma because I will be more fortified structurally and able to hand the damaged part of me.