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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Using the breath to become aware of habitual reactions of mind and body when faced with a stressful situation. Our body is constantly sending us messages- information in the form of sensations, thoughts or feelings. Accept what is there with kindness.
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Day 1
I am very stressed and sad and that focusing on those emotions helps me realize what I have to do to stop them. Also that just breathing calms me down.
Identifying growth
When I’m able to identify my emotions, I have an opportunity to accept them, when I accept them for what they are, not what I want them to be, I begin to grow.
Labeling emotions
Labeling emotions helps to discover what they really are. Sometimes sandness is disguised as anxiousness. Sometimes anxiousness is disguised as anger...
Irritating morning
Now I’ve named it, stepped back a little from it, knowing that the incident is really small, it’s the larger context which is the issue, and I must accommodate it - must adjust. With compassion, forgiveness, and love, for all of us.
Labelling emotions
I love the idea of how labelling your emotions can be very beneficial to how you manage them. I find it interesting as I was just talking with my cousin this morning about exactly that. She was saying her mother finds it really amazing that my cousin can identify when she’s feeling anxious, she can talk about it, and she can find a resolution. My cousin and I talked about how our parents somewhat find that a foreign concept. The ability it acknowledge our negative emotions, speak about them, and then resolve them - rather than channel them through anger towards an innocent (as we discussed, this is what our parents often do). Finding a healthy relationship between our emotions and reactions is extremely important. This may be a blunt way to put it and I’m sure there is definitely a better way, but I often say “you cannot control anything in this world except for how you react”. Meaning: if something bad happens, and you feel negative about it, it’s okay to feel negative about it, but however you react will determine what happens next. Good day everyone 😁❤️
I found this concept helpful. When we become aware of when we are going off course or have gone off course, it helps with implementing corrective practices. If we let those negative emotions, thoughts or behaviors go too far for too long there could be terrible consequences.