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Rain in the Temple Gardens

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Drift off to sleep to the sound of the gentle rain and the beautiful, misty gardens of Chenrezig temple.
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I love this story. So serene and relaxing and perfect to help me unwind after a long day
Forests & Jungles
I noticed that detailed descriptions and sounds of lush forest and water relax me the most so far. My heart rate won’t slow because I’m stressed about work, but the idea I can go to a place to rest where none of that matters is comforting. I’m disappointed that I’ve been over eating this past week, but my alcohol consumption has dramatically decreased, which is a goal of mine. Tonight was the VP debate. There was a fly on Pence’s head, and Kamala is making use of her charisma. I don’t think the bread and butter approach works for the democratic campaigns right now. People are on the “hot” issues that are systemic. I punched my mattress a few days ago - in my sleep. But I’m feeling more confident. I’d rather be angry than depressed. I learned my lack of motivation cultivated when I stopped seeing the point in believing in anything. My days have been purposeless the last 5 years, and I have nothing to guide me. My passions are unbridled and I can’t stand another moment of caring about something I am powerless to change.
The voice is soothing to me.
Learning the voice sets the tone for me. If the voice is not immediately soothing the story doesn’t work for me. This story works!
I like her voice. If I don’t like the voice I won’t listen. She is soothing.
The prayer flags wrappped around photos of ones gone the bells the prayer wheels all just comforted me The music drove me nuts