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Psychological Flexibility

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
Identify the most effective way to use your energy to move towards YOUR rich and meaningful life.
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2 reflections
This was about using your energy toward the things that will lead you to your best life. The example was an angry, negative coworker. A complainer. His or her attitude has nothing to do with you. Distance yourself and don't allow it to affect your feelings and emotions. Lately I've been sending love in meditation to people that are hurtful and negative. People who have been unkind in the past to me. They say it helps heal and forgive. I wasn't open to it when I first started Aura. I couldn't imagine doing that. Now, it feels good.
No more grumpy Gus!
This actually provided insight into some of my coworkers that are exactly like the one described in the audio. I will try to change the way that I view these people, and try very very hard to not take things so personally, because it is not a good use of my energy.
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