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Projecting A Fantastic Day

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Fernando Albert
Psychic Medium & Meditation Facilitator
Today is a fantastic day! Take a listen to this quick meditation, and start the day with your right foot, magnetic positivism, and plenty of joy. You will attract abundance, the good happenings, and your desired expectations. Make sure to have incredible energy from the start!
From the community
9 reflections
Choosing to have a fantastic day.
This meditation helped me to refocus and move forward. I enjoyed the concise format and the central focus
Today Will Be Fantastic
After today’s meditation, I felt centered and optimistic about my day.
have a fantastic day!
i feel more centered! l learned that meditation is a great way to start your day! first of many to come!
I learned that meditating in the morning helps me have a more productive day!
Walter J
Fernando gets us in touch with The Powerful Force of the Universe and helps us invite IT into our bodies to energize up. I am predicting I am going to have a wonderful day- attracting many prospects and signing up 6 opptys, This will pump me up to come home and use this positive energy to record my Webinar so I can start helping parents make better choices about helping their Teens! New day… new opportunities…New mindset… Huge Beneficial results!! Good day everyone! 💪🏼❤️🍀
As I sat in a comfortable position, I took in a deep breath into my body. Feeling the aliveness of this breath, my mind began to calm in the here and now. Using my breath, I let go of all the stresses from earlier in the morning. In the here and now, I connected with Source energy. I visualized this energy filling up my body from my feet to my head. In doing so, I felt my power center begin to rev up like a roaring engine. Sensing my own inner power, I recalled a time where I was successful. As I brought all the things that went into that successful moment into this moment, my body began to know the feeling of success. As I embodied this wonderful feeling, I became this wonderful feeling. With a smile on my face, I am connected. Connected, there is nothing that can deter me from having a fantastic day ahead! If I find my mood changing throughout the day, which it will, I will recall this moment of connecting to Source and reclaim the power of presence. Thank you Walter for leading me to this wonderful meditation and to Fernando for creating it! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️💫
I felt peace and the breath coming in and out of my nose with viSioning the light described, it will keep me centered today
Being soft and aware
Hearing a kind voice with healing words is good for the mind and soul.
Grounded in Abundance
Connecting with my grounding and re-membering success is great preparation for my day.
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