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Prioritizing a Home-Cooked Meal

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
The kitchen used to be the part of the house where everyone gathered...where families spent time together...where memories were made. Yet, Americans today spend less time cooking compared to people in any other nation. How do we start to bring cooking back into our lives? Note: This session pairs perfectly with the previous session called "Find Meaning Through Food"
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Fuel for the body and mind
I love cooking easy recipes with fresh ingredients. On the days I go into work later I usually get something going in the crockpot. Then when I get home my kitchen is smelling so good and there is less clean up. I believe when you give your body what it needs it is able to heal it self and thrive.
Seems that 🤔
We take it for granted that dining out, eating fast food, and snacking is good enough for us - mind, body, and soul. However, not only is it not healthy for us, we are missing critical times for the family to be together. Grabbing food on the run out the door is not sharing a meal, or yourself, with family or friends. Much is lost in this process that cannot be regained, such as time missed with those we love and care about. So true, thank you for the reminder!
While I am a decent cook, it’s nice to be reminded that eating well is nourishing to our minds and bodies.