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Practicing The Presence

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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
Coming back to this moment on a constant and regular basis is the most powerful way to inoculate us from the fear, worry, and anxiety that is running amuck in the world today. All of these are born and exist in time - projections into the future, dwellings of the past. And so, whenever we come back to the "nowness" of this moment, we step out of time, allowing the peace, love, joy, harmony, wholeness, abundance, and beauty of the nowness of this moment to reign supreme.
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Ipractise the here and now
That I need to do this and make it my life as I need it xx thank you for this I am goingvto try this Danny thank you 🙏😍💕
Waking a bit more slowly allowed me to adjust to the day better than jumping into the day.
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